Charlie Sheen: Bi-polarizing America

Charlie sheen: bi-polarizing America? Next at noon...

Up and down in Beverly Hills

It's amazing that the island of Japan could be deluged, radiation spreading, yet our media focus continues to be on Charlie sheen, the Hollywood hangover, who may or may not be bi-polar.

Why the question is on my mind day and night: is he or isn't he? (sarcasm)

A radio station actually used some of Sheen's latest "twitter" remarks during the noon news broadcast.

How could any day be a slow news day when the world has major, catastrophic problems going on all around us?

The middle east bursts at the seams with calls for freedom, and our President faces off with the Lybian bi-polar leader now "bi-winning" again, but somehow Charlie Sheen made the noon newscast, how is that?

(If any of you remember President Reagan tried to oust Khadafi and Clinton even shot a bomb at him I think. He is the bi-polar of the week, he was twittering even before there was a site called Twitter. Nobody cares about him, they want Charlie.)

The world is becoming more bi-polar by the minute as it struggles with the needs of the many verses the needs of the few, it's that simple.

But what stands out is Charlie Sheen, actor, actively abusing drugs whether they be his own private endorphins or some weak substitute such as cocaine, he is definitely an extremist. And public reaction has been, I think the word is, confused.

More Sheen, say millions

Sheen gloats that he enjoys drugs, even makes it his claim to fame, something about 7 grams of "rock" up his nose. Gee what a powerful message and a record we hope his children never try to break nor any of the minions who admire Sheen's...uhh, unstable lifestyle or something.

Myself being bi-polar, as I've said, my mind can make chemicals junkies would jump through my ears to get to and Charlie may have found his own factory chugging away, clouds coming out of his smoke stacks, choking us out on the Internet.

But he has no control

We know that just like a kid with a bottle of gin, after he gets done throwing up and falling down on his face, it's going to hurt, and there's going to be bruising and embarrassment.

Sheen is not a dolt, you can never count out a bi-polar, we will surprise you every time, and it seems the man has his job offers and money coming from everywhere, so even with no control of himself, he has control over others.

Well good for him.

However, if he is truly bi-polar, he offers no ladder to climb or bread crumbs to follow for others who suffer with the stigma of having the disorder, as he is only playing a game, and not realizing the effect he is having on his followers or anyone who listens to the news at noon.

Is it worth this sort of focus

Okay, if people want to hear the "twitterings" of Charlie Sheen then log onto Twitter. I don't want my news cast to go from villagers saved in tsunami to Sheen buys twelve Scottish Terriers for his blond girlfriends from Ireland.

It's better than being the other stereotype

Sheen may at least have shown that not all bi-polars are harboring angry thoughts which manifest in a homicide or suicidal rage. Of course we are early in his manic cycle right now... but so far he's not done anything too serious that we know of.

And certainly if he did do something the media will be right there on it to tell us about it.

Surrounded by sycophants

Being a rich celebrity makes Sheen's bi-polar different as he is surrounded by ass kissing addicts who love cocaine and love the fact that manics often overspend and don't watch their money carefully.

Sheen has been in the limelight for too many years now, probably kept the Colombian cartel in Rolex's for the last two decades, but has managed to stay alive.

He could have been free from drugs, had he had more education about his bi-polar and reality in his life. Hollywood eats bi-polars up and spits them back out as penniless narcissists, who are worthless to the media unless they go back to court or steal something from Walmart.

Some truthful support would be the help Sheen needs to realize that after he comes "down" he still can live and even look his children in the eye...and someday laugh about all of this. I would hope that he could, but he has chosen or is unable to realize he's not helping himself or anyone else by flaunting his mania.

What he's done is like at a teenage party, get drunk, climb up on the roof and yell at your friends about how much you love them, while they hope you don't fall to your death.

These are disorders which run in families...I wonder who did he inherit it from? Anyone know?

The other side

Sheen has so far remained on the top side of mania, but given enough time and no changes in lifestyle, it is guaranteed that deep, dark depression is on the way.

You can't stay manic anymore than you can stay airborne. You're going to have to land that craft, and if it's going at break neck speed, there's going to be lots of smoke and squealing while applying those brakes.

And it's the tumbling and crashing we bi-polars do that seem to really irritate the people around us. That's why we DON'T need a drug called Charlie Sheen. (If he's adamant about it, his agent could put his name on a cologne instead: possibly a mixture of stale cigarette smoke, Bourbon and pussy.)

Wish him well

He's a laugh when the world needs to laugh, but he's more than that, problem is Sheen has yet to understand that he hasn't reached a point of mastering the chemicals and is therefore being perceived as a raving drunk.

Carrie Fischer came forth with her own story that she found electric shock therapy works well for her issues, but again, even with medications and treatments, we still have to be responsible in the end for our own actions and behaviors.

No amount of voltage is going to take away a hurtful remark- a black eye- or even a worse scenario. It comes down to our own ability to accept and utilize our unique chemistry.

Don't do this

And hopefully, Sheen will be an example of what not to do in terms of drugs, seven grams of coke up his nose, that is not what we call "bi-polar chic" around here. That term refers to those who are earning their bi-polar merit badges by being responsible, not making it an excuse, and apologizing, and I don't mean a "my bad," either.

But learn to be bi-polar, handle the depression and the mania, then the doors can truly open and not only will you be strong...there will be no need for drugs/alcohol and bravado nonsense.

Bi-polar is a challenge to everyone with it and around us, and it can be brought on not only by drugs but by disorders of the thyroid, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases, brain issues, it's really a broad chemical as well as behavioral issue.

Any type of bi-polar behavior needs monitoring, and nicely the internet is a good place to do that with support groups of all kinds.

So, there's no one certain way to do it, but you've got a choice of not just up and down, but also side to side, just keep it near the equator, it's warm and pleasant there...

(Pssst...Has Charlie Twittered yet?... Oh, I thought you left..I meant where's the NY Times crossword puzzle?)