Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I didn't know I could moon dance and other things....

I've decided to do a long historical, and nightmarish run thru of my last two plus years, but I realize it started for me from the beginning.

I never had a good singing voice, nor could I dance to any rhythm but that of drunken piano players. Suddenly I have latent talents that I find fun and interesting.

As I have described, my time in the Kern River Valley has  now been spent being picked up by local law enforcement and taken to jail. Doesn't matter, the intoxication, I was put in over night for speaking with an English accent.

Cheers! as we know this can be dangerous to the community. It may inflict a certain unknown and incorrection inflection into speech. Others may be come concerned if you cannot identify where that accent originates from.

So, it is, the life of an idiot bi polar American.

I came here because, as a do gooder, I thought I could help build a community thru the communication tool of journalism.

In 2006, I found out people in the local hospital were lying to me in articles and right out there on the front page of our local Sun. I guess I could not even imagine doing it, and gave them more credit than they had do, but it was on my part a simple tool to help them get info to their customers.

They used that good will and almost had a 12 million dollar bond. It was my word they used to purchase that trust and in the end, I found a sad, sick, healthcare system right under the noses of all who ran it and used it.

Elder abuse kept me awake at night as I found I was unable to stop it or even identify it. I guess I could  not understand such cruelty so therefore did not see it.

But at this point in time, I want to see me, my track record and head to the task of writing my story,"Unacceptable behavior."

It appears honest intentions are not allowed in this world. In fact, as I have skimmed over, trust and compassion are a real slight frosting on the shit cake this world stands for.

Now is a time I have nothing but a cracked heart, eager even for hope that there is a decent soul left on this plane.

I"ll contine to turn this language on it's side until it rolls some better numbers and gathers better members. Humans have come so far as to hold me to the most oppressive situation, but I don't hold too long.

Really we as a humanity, and or false front, have created wonderful homes that use staples and paper to put together: a mobile home. Wow. We could use some of our patent office leftovers. What is next a contractors license to put together spit and staple homes for the nobodies, just to get them off the street.

More truth. That is if the police leave me on a keyboard long enough to tell a balanced story. I'll just moon dance right to the keyboard...lol....I love good surprises.