Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bi-polar by the lake...

What a beautiful weekend we had here in the Kern River Valley above the smog in Bakersfield, and next to Lake Isabella.

We had a great time getting out, stretching, after the in-climate weather passed us by. Nothing but sunny skies as Walter and his new buddy ran wild and free!

This is our spot to walk or run as is the case with Walter. We enjoy our lake side sprints, but this weekend, Walter had a friend to play with and they enjoyed the hell out of it!

His owner and I took a stroll and watched the two dumb asses play and get in the water...and also knock me down.

Yes, that was something I learned this weekend, that Walter may just be intentionally knocking me down. The very first time we came out to the lake and met another dog/owner, Walter sped around and the dogs knocked me down.

We went out one evening and Walter had to run after another dog who was minding his own business and his owner. Walter was told not to go and bother them, but apparently he overrode my command and got this poor dog all stirred up.

A teenage girl and her mother were just ambling along when Walter started the commotion. They were really nice about it, but Walter was getting their Australian Shepherd all worked up by jumping on the girl whom this dog was trying to protect.

And that asshole Walter seemed to be doing this on purpose. As he and this dog ran, somehow I got knocked down three times! Nobody else was knocked down...Hmmm?
I had only started filming Walter and company this weekend, when I was suddenly jettisoned off my feet, and  I fell to the ground protecting the camera.

I have two videos clearly showing this bad dog Walter intentionally knocking me down. He's a passive aggressive asshole...and I love him for it!
This is the first picture post but I will try to put up the "bad dog" video showing Walter trying to knock his own caring, thoughtful owner, (me) to the dirt. What a bastard!

The dogs chased not only those crazy "sea gulls" or "land gulls" but went after a Raven. According to Avian literature, Raven's are one of the smartest birds on the planet. However, I was shocked to find this bird, as well as another, eating cow shit.

He took a bite and then flew away. I am wondering if they choose to eat shit or they have nothing else? (That same question could be asked of people I know too...)

Now that I'm with camera again, it's time to bring some photos to the blog, making it more real. After Walter and I enjoyed our long walk with friends, we took off and played some basketball at the park.

Good thing I don't embarrass easily as Walter made an "ass" of me chasing me and biting my butt while I dribbled the basketball up and down the court.

There were a group of young teens watching and laughing as Walter and I were playing Dog/Human basketball. That SOB was pretty good keeping the ball himself, he just can't shoot the thing. We will be playing again tomorrow with another friend so just maybe as it was embarrassing, I'll get some pictures or video.

That depends on my level of self esteem tomorrow. Walter is not helping!

Have a great day with your dogs...but don't trust them!  Laura Hart (a bad dog herself)

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