Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stories of bi-polar past...

I had a twinge of guilt...

The morning following my decision to leave my friends out of town due to the fact they did not like the way I drive, I found myself feeling slightly guilty. I realize they were not going to budge about my driving and were seriously threatened by it. It's too bad for them that they could not relax and enjoy the type of driving I do.

My father and I did a tour from Arizona some years ago where we torched the highway. I mean we knew exactly how to use both cars to move people out of the way. My dad had to admit it was fun! His wife doesn't allow him to be close to the car in front of him. She would have lost her lunch if she saw what he and I did to the 91 freeway full of traffic.

We kicked some driving ass!

Many times I find myself with another driver who wants to fly with me. I've had some good and bad ones. One was so intense I actually lost control of my car. I was scared! LOL But I persisted and we raced through Riverside cutting each other off, but in a friendly way. Finally, after hours of this driving, we departed company with a wave to each other. It was awesome and I had a great time.

But I do know when to drive wicked and when not to. There are also things I have not admitted to in terms of my driving.

Hold onto to your hats!

My latest story involved allowing my friend to drive what is known as "blood alley." This is a windy road that requires passing in a leap frog manner as you don't get the vision due to tight turns and too much traffic. Had I done this part of the drive I would have scared the hell out of everyone.

What they did not know about my driving history was an incident on this road some years back where another car got ready to pass a big rig truck.

I was in one lane, minding my own business, when some asshole decides to pass the truck in front of him. He enters my lane and begins coming straight towards me. I suppose the best way to deal with it would have been to just pull over. NO, I had to challenge him.

We were on a collision course and I was so irritated by this fucked up driving move that I refused to give up the lane. We both refused to give up the lane and headed directly toward each other. They call it chicken, but you can't have any fear to do this.

At the last second we each moved "slightly" and did not collide. But we were in jeopardy as if he had not turned one direction and I another, we still could've crashed. As it was, it was a close call.

There again are no guarantees...

Just because I drive safe does not mean nothing will happen to me. Another story I thought of involves no responsibility on my part. It was indeed another head on collision which could have occurred, but I was innocent,so to speak.

In this scenario I was on the freeway late at night heading somewhere and in no big hurry either. At some point I take the off ramp and find myself facing a Mustang roaring towards me. This guy was obviously drunk or insane but I managed to avoid this horrible fate. I moved the car out of the way quickly because I have incredible reaction times.

I had no idea a drunk driver would be heading towards me and also ready to get on the freeway going the wrong direction. But again I survived because it was my fate to do so. There were no cell phones back then so I could not report this to the police. I don't know if anyone else got hurt by this wrong way driver that night, but it sure seemed like they would end up in trouble.

Drunk drivers survive...

Then again, remember drunk drivers somehow survive these horrendous wrecks they cause. How many reports have we heard about ten people killed but the drunk driver bounced off the car and remained alive. Amazing.

So, there are no guarantees in this world that you drive safely and you will be safe. My grandmother and her friend always followed the rules of the road. Then one night someone else didn't and hit them. This was a blind hit they did not see coming.

I drive the way I do when the time is right. I used to be so good at knowing when the cops were around too. I could feel the traffic react to their presence as long as I paid attention.

One of the best tips I can give to other drivers, no matter how they drive, is to always pay attention. Stay on the road trip and out of the food, cigarettes, and most certainly off your cell phone. If you have enough time you can get out of the way, but you need to be in the moment.

Even though I've just admitted to playing chicken with another car, which doesn't sound too good, I also have talent as a driver.

Once upon a time I was driving home in my neighborhood (they say accidents happen close to home) when I made a right turn only to find a car parked on the side of the road suddenly making a U turn in front of me. I would have hit him if I did not react immediately and made my own U turn.

We sat next to each other, me panting from the excitement, and this ass telling me to watch where I'm going. Again, other drivers will not see things your way. I narrowly missed an accident because I had the correct reaction and the in the moment experience to carry it out.

So, enjoy your drive and don't be scared, if it's your time, well then it's your time. Just stay in the moment and drive the way that makes you happy. And probably don't play chicken and you'll be fine. LOL

Laura Hart (the scary driver)

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