Mental cases against mediocrity!

Starting today...

Okay, I do have something to fight against, though I'm supposed to have changed my evil ways. It's something that has bugged the hell out of me lately and that is mediocrity.

At least if you're going to do something, do it with fucking flair! Do it with the best of intentions, but DO IT!

So many people don't have the drive to be the whole enchilada, they are okay to be a small piece of onion stuck to the side of the dish. You're no fun. Really.

The way I see it if you're going to do something, do it big. You can be a big fuck up or an amazing star in the sky. But don't just do anything half way. It's annoying.

As a bi-polar American, I am not known for being wishy washy. In most cases, bi-polars have lead the charge toward change in any arena you see a bi-polar at work. Whether it be science- literature- math- even car repair- or housecleaning, the bi-polar spirit leads the way!

I don't want to be mediocre. I probably can't be. I've lived long enough to know how to be and not to be. (Hardy har har)

Reading the news is at best a displeasure, at worst, a time to cuss and be angry. I am so sick of our current American culture. We are caught in the realm of mediocrity. American's can't even protest correctly anymore.

Fucking occupy this mutherfuckers! I mean let's not get me started. I think I should say right now if I start protesting there will be NO STOPPING ME!

To read some LA "out of touch with the" Times article, about the lack of funds for the occupy movement running low taking away there steam, makes me cringe.

Let me make something clear, there is no necessity for money when it comes to protesting. I'm not joining some fucking Yuppie sit in somewhere. I want fire mutherfuckers. I want drama, something they will never forget.

This may not be Iraq or Russia or any other extreme environment, but we have a duty in this country to be better than we are right now. So, stop being so mediocre and look around...wake the fuck's time!