Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sick Degrees of Separation....Part one

As I get ready to exit my homeless car lifestyle, wipe off the marker and make a new start of it, I'm reminded that I must overcome the sick degrees of separation to get my message heard.

Yes, you may think you've heard it all, but trust me, you have not.

Everything a wall, is not an idea unfamiliar to those who read this blog. There are two other blogs which will continue as a spillway of information along with a series of short but robust thoughts on our current condition, and "Cuntditioning."

My first foray into street fighting writing, KVHD Under Fire, the perky and original blog dedicated to the game of old age pyramid scam bucks and life and torture itself. Elder abuse and murder. Brought to you by the "nobody cares" not Obama, certainly not California Governor, Jerry Brown--community as there are discounts for being old and not advantages.

Yes, I'm over 50 but just around the mountain but not over a hill full of holes in it's story.

GEneratioN Gaps:

We can hardly remember or understand each other, as we have a language full of shackles, and generations of those who claim not to understand each others motivations and intentions. There is arrogance, Fear, and hopelessness, to trek thru to get to the other side.

Simply put we are sick from trying to communicate.

When I write, I write with my intended message. The reader, the reciever, has a whole list of reasons not to hear my hard, dark messages, couched in humor. And there is not much, except for repeated, rephrased, louder, clearer, writing that I can do to acheive a re pore with my friends, family and fellow prison mates.

But add a generation, a whole group of those who have lived and breathed rules, regulations, ideas of their formation, and you have a real challenge.

I'm getting ready to challenge it all, and my message is patience. lol

For me, this is big. But I truly care about what I am attempting to transmit and it is worth my effort.


Hope so.

Aunt Laura