Thursday, February 10, 2011

Teased, taunted, and tattered: Kern Valley High School student poem

She's an amazing kid, deep, sensitive, remarkable. Her life came up against the ugliness that is and was the Kern Valley High School in Lake Isabella. From these experiences, she has written, poetry, which can only be described as "intense."

The high school, which was described by some students as "racist" and parents concerned as their children were targeted by bullies and the victims were then harmed by having to be home schooled.

Everyone knew it. We let this happen. You know who you are. Two students killed themselves, leaving family behind to wonder what happened, the grief has to be overwhelming.

Psychologists jumped in only to confuse as they too could have helped. Their education useless against the pain of the "real world." They talked in ideals nobody cared or wanted to understand.

Here is a poem you can not only understand you can feel.

How would a religious person perceive these young minds? With closed minds. A community with more churches than sins, can't even agree on what do in response to the "lost voices" and have divided. Power not spirituality has taken hold of these people.

But here's your hope...

Darkness claims the mind,
as terror seizes the soul.
Reality fades,
as nightfears take control.

A dream with no escape,
a prison with no door.
Lovers lost and family forgotten,
a shadow you'll be forever more.

Every creaking floorboard,
and every bump in the night.
Screams echoing in the dark,
with fears fraught with fright.

What will become of us in the end,
when we've traveled as far as we can go?
Waiting for something,
as we cry tears of woe.

Seconds tick away,
dragging painfully on.
The countdown thats started,
ends when we're all gone.

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