Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Handling Bi-polars in an ordinary hospital setting: what will they do?

Cracked bi-polar I've been talking to people lately who have bi-polar and other ailments that have changed their lives, the status of thier lives as we have been given the challenge. Challenges are my favorite things, I look for them, seek and destroy. I learn as I live and I live as I learn. But recently something hit me, that my local hospital, devoid of compassion, as well as completely ignorant about bi-polar syndrome, has rudely interrupted my life. They took control they had no right or understanding to take. What do you do faced with this, bring in a lawyer who is equally as bad as the arrogance we are seeing in healthcare since George W. put a cap on monies recovered from your doctor. The are like free range chickens, run and in and out of doors, with prescription pads. At the KVHD ER, they sometimes try to mount an effort to look professional but they know they don't have what they need: which are the people who make a difference. One serious flaw is their inability to deal with disabled people, whether that be in terms parts of the structure, the policies in place which are not upheld, and the victims that come out of this machine are numerous. In fact large enough numbers could really deal out a class action lawsuit especially in terms of how they handle mental and physical handicaps. Now they are really killers over there. Nothing they have done with their records could define the damage. My feeling is there needs to be more extreme measures. Hell, the animal activists went to labs and rescued animals leaving behind damages, closing some abusive situations. They had to, they were humans tortured by the thought of hurting animals for our benefit, such as does it sting eyes or grow tumors? But then we have these creature to thank too. But where are the advocates at hospitals? Why is there no oversight in hospitals and why is it too late already. After my mental fracture, I have yet to experience anything like this in my life. My health was totally robbed and I ended up sicker than when I went in. How does that make sense. The question is who will take responsibility? The longer it progresses that I cannot fulfill my ability to get proper treatment, my mind has symptoms as well as my body, and they are not healing quickly either. Bi-polar but human...for now. I'm changed and changing, the thoughts, the hallucinations all because of lack of vigilence and qite possibly a vindctive event. I'm bi-polar and we fight and we write about it, we don't just stand around and look for ques from others. The manics have moments where control isn't always there. It's frightening, but more so for those who don't know how to deal with it, respect it. I have some serious ideas for education which could minimize all of this.

  1. Once a bi-polar enters a healthcare facility all phone numbers of family or friends are made sure to be on hand in the event of a problem.

  2. Bi-polars should have their own doctor to be able to explain to temporary doctors such as are in an ER, so that they are not mistaken for a "bad personality" or "asshole."

  3. A summary of reactions to stress should be involved as if the intake is for "physical health" that will NOT happen at a mental facility. Most do not handle both issues, so a hospital needs to prepare.

  4. If the patient is conscious immediately find out what medications they can and cannot take. I cannot take many type of medications making me susceptible to serious conflicts and mood swings. Loss of abilty to fully communicate.

  5. A call to the mental health to let them know there is someone of this nature on hand would help,, as long as there is any mental health help left.

  6. Talk to your doctor and sign up a friend or family member to make decisions when you cannot or they can at least help. Many people do not react well to hospitals, and bi-polars are no exception.

  7. Create a chart to show your moods, much like a pain chart.

  8. Pain and bi-polar are not buddies and manic rage can come on when there's too much pain. find out the level of pain the person can handle.

  9. Give patients medications they are used to taking. New meds are always a challenge and certain medications can cause suicidal or other homicidal thoughts.

  10. Maintain communication as best possible, but do not pretend, always know the person has a keen sense of people and their motives, it comes with bi-polar.

These are simple, that is what we need is simple. If I ask a question, what medication are you giving me, for example, the process unless so dire, should stop and explanations should occur. Communication the key.

I now have a serious mental problems I cannot define, but have to somehow try and deal with. My family and friends have tried to be there, but we are too far away, but make those important phone calls and write emails.

The mission I am on right now means that I stay busy as I don't that's when I begin to worry about trauma. I've had so much of it in my life, and I certainly am no threat, yet, but it could happen. It could happen before I can stop it.

I am hoping that in my case I can make a difference and bring people to do the right things. But I don't hold much hope is my problem, too many of the negtivity is getting hold as days go by.

If there were to be a miracle of some sort, something good coming out of something so horrific, then I could rest peacefully. So far, it looks as if some are not aware of how close things have come of recent to being different than what I want.

But I'm beginning to believe that we do have a war on our hands, and blood as been spilled for lesser things, so why not?

Jerry Browns talks of anarchy, so I guess I will too. Brown does what he wants with as much self admiration we can't get him away from the mirror, and now he needs to quit looking at himself and begin to see that problems can be turned easier with less government.

Or at least keep it simple. Don't let the bi-polars out of our nets, you never know about us, with the energy and creativity, it's a lost resource, labled damaged and stigmatized.

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