I'm bi-polar do I need medication: from Laura Hart

The authors of this blog are not against the use of medications in treating or maintaining bi-polar disorder-- in fact if you like the idea of drugs- you may enjoy that change in chemistry.

But how do we know what to change?

There is currently no true understanding of what bi-polar is, they are calling it a brain chemistry disorder and not even a mental disorder anymore. But if the mental health community doesn't know what they are treating how can they treat it? 

There are many bi-polar types out there with different symptoms and different levels of these symptoms. Some are just chattier sometimes while some are planning to jump from a building after work. And then there are others who don't know that they are running jet fuel and not regular in their engines--they keep running into things and people.

This would be a good time for people to recognize their own emotional seasons- reasons- and be able to handle the situation.

If we're down and out, can't get out of bed one day- then the following day find ourselves cleaning out our garage and that of our neighbors--we may have shifted into the mania from a depression. It can happen in a moment, scaring those around us.

Bi-polar looks like drug use at times and there are sometimes those out there who judge the book by the cover and call it what it isn't-- drugs or alcohol.

It's clear to anyone with bi-polar that things seem to change-- a lot--like our minds. One minute it's chocolate-next we're mad about vanilla. But we have choices--one being to pay attention to what is going on inside.

Don't let it run away with you. We have to sleep right- eat right- exercise and stay occupied- which is good for everyone, but really necessary for the bi-polar to keep our chemistry solid and in good order.

That doesn't always happen, we tend to make mistakes, slip and say things, or punch the mail man for bending the pictures. That is part of learning. Accepting the consequences for our actions is also a part of learning how to be a polar.

I'm not a bad person- I'm challenged- and flawed and oh so utterly human. I keep going even when the depression wants to put a bullet in my possibly bullet proof head or my nuttiness wants to climb a cliff, alone, at dusk.

I'm just a person, simple in many ways, as my days are counted by the stupid things I do on a regular basis. But sometimes I may throw a curve ball that nobody can hit.

Medicate if you will- but be safe- as many of these chemicals are deadly and permanently  damaging. Always take the medication of accepting yourself for what you are and what you have been given to use in this life. Bi-polar is amazing-- just learn to ride the wild ponies and you will never want to go back to the barn...
(Laura Hart the bi-polar reporter and revolutionary...)