What the hell is a bi-polar American?

I thought you'd never ask...

I've been around a while now- I'm almost 2- (a liar in fact) okay  closing in on 50-- but don't count the years I was intoxicated or the years I was too young to appreciate being a jack ass.

Being a bi-polar American includes the tenacity to do the things you want to do...even if they're not good for you. It means you know what you want and no one will stop you. And nothing such as the laws of physics or the rules of grammar will keep you from your outlandish goals.

As a long term bi-polar American I make sure I am as open and honest as I can be. This is difficult for many people but for a BPA, we will call us, we are sincere about talking truth. We also have the thick skins and a sense of humor to handle the reactions to our forthcoming manner.

A BPA is someone you can count on to make things better or more difficult- or actually- both! We do not discriminate as there is little good or bad-- just new lessons to learn and new activities to seek out.

If you're looking to talk to someone interesting, please pull up a chair next to a BPA and watch your hair fly back. Most of us have done things others never even considered doing. You can hear the stories and know if this person is a true, BPA-- then those stories are real. Get ready to enjoy the vicarious life of a BPA.

Most of what I consider a BPA would be the ability to be REAL. The real deal is something I've attempted to be at all times. Whether I'm being honest- an asshole- laughing-- I'm always keeping it real. I'll be too many things to pinpoint, but one thing you can count on: my ability to change at any moment.

Real chameleons us bi-polars. We can fit in to any environment or we choose to get kicked out of many places too! It's all about those mood swings.

There is much excitement being a bi-polar who is free and on the loose- just look into my eyes and you will see trouble on the horizon!

Some people want to quash the Bi-polar American spirit, but it's like trying to fit the ocean into a thimble: not going to happen.

If you're BP and afraid of letting loose- enjoying yourself everyday- then I say stick around as you can see there is little I won't or haven't done. I'm here because I have a calling and I'm calling other bi-polars to be themselves. Take the time to get to know that you have strengths that others only wish they had.

Hello BPA, you are something...now don't let anything get you down, because your chemistry will take care of that for you! Have a great day!