Suicide...other options

Kern River Valley teens I want to talk to you about suicide

"The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time."
Jack London

Resuming the Bi-Polar American

There have been so many things going on in my life, inside and out, of recent, but when I saw the reports of two young teenagers, 15 and 16, killing themselves, I couldn't help being effected.

I've met so many young kids in this town, some fit in to this ever strangling reality, as they have jobs, or parents with money, so we don't worry about them committing suicide.

Most of what I see have been teenagers completely out of touch with the world around them, parents equally out of touch or even out of reach. Feeling very accurately under the gun to fit in or be pushed out.

Then they use drugs and alcohol to avoid the dreaded feeling they have that something is wrong with the world. 

It's not a pretty picture, teenagers having to hide their pain from parents and society who have adopted a sick world where children starve, women are beaten, animals are enslaved, and the worst part: they expect us all to accept it.

Life is what we make it or how much we can take it

Who the hell just wants to survive out there, raise your hands? Not me. Doesn't sound like a great future, simply surviving.

And I'm not talking about how much money you have, your car, your hair color, skin color, your boobs, your dicks, I'm talking about how you think and what you create with those thoughts.

Now who wants to learn what you really are? I know any teenager faced with that question thinks they would rather not know who they really are because it's going to be bad news. They are going to be told of a terrible nature they wish they could avoid hearing about.

In fact, the news is quite the opposite. 
These children will be missed as they could see and certainly feel the state of the world. The negative impact of all around them. 

Understanding means a willingness to go past the cover of the book and really get inside and find out what is going on. It's not a necessarily unpleasant task, it means you take more into consideration whereas judging you narrow the field.

You're moving through a process

Seeking a structure to live in our minds and hearts begins to appear. Sometimes this is where I notice many people must get caught in their oppressive thoughts. The need for a "rule book" or a set of instructions comes from that fear the feeling of separation which is a natural course if you follow it through.

When you begin thinking for yourself, you will learn that we are all thinking the same things.We are being spoon fed the whole nightmare, one horrible tasting medicine at at time.

And parents are telling their children such frightening things as "this is life."

The rebellion

There comes a time when we must rebel. But it isn't against the standard things such as adults or school or government.

We need to rebel against our own programming, for lack of a better word.

Then we begin to question everything, and we don't really like the answers we are getting as young adults. Our parents didn't tell us everything did they? How could your mother tell you about the time she and her pals drank until they puked and slept with her cousin or something?

Communication breaks down as parents try to remain in control. They love us so they continue to bury us in fear to the point there is nothing but fear.

But at this point, we all must break free of our parents/society/family/ and begin the part where we find the core of it all. And it may just make us angry.

Anger is an excellent tool!

Do not diminish anger, it generally or has more of a chance to contain Truth.

Now you think for yourself

I can't help wondering how these two particular teens made the decision to go to the extreme of suicide.

There are other answers such as facing our fears no matter what our parents or teachers or doctors or those whose authority have been lauded over us, tell us is life.

I now more clearly understand why I did not want to live most of my "life."

This isn't a life, it's a death, a completely useless waste. And we the people are dying, wanting to die, and are unable to see what is right in front of us.

Suicide doesn't have to be a sudden death, it can be a lifetime of self abuse, it can be killing your spirit, denying your knowledge of the truth that has been so carefully covered as not to "offend" or "make waves" or be discovered.

It is one hell of a mess and cover up and it's killing people who don't have to die.

As a teen you are still working under the boss, your keepers, your teachers, your family hierarchy, but if you are not communicating or able to be close and truthful, learning trust, you may find yourself feeling alienated and alone.

Often these are the fuels which lead to the desire to consider death as an alternative to life and the ever present challenge of seeing the truth in the morass.

Just talk...Don't go down the road of suicide or even long term suicide, there are many answers and just as many people with ideas, so seek them out. If you find you have no one, you are not looking hard enough. It's right there, it's called faith, that it's NOT just negative and suffering as your fate. 

You are never "alone." It's sometimes a matter of reaching out and developing a trust that you are not alone in the feeling that something is wrong. And acting fearless, attacking untruths, knowing that you are MORE, not less, will sustain you.

Freedom is something to find, it's not currently available to most of us.

I've been working with kids all my life, as I've been passing along what I have learned, I find I am the one doing the learning. Thank you. I've gained so much from talking with these kids many of you walk by or judge. They have helped me learn about what happened to me in my life while often times brightening my day with their wispy ways.

My basic message is that you the next generation, are all right. You have a challenge ahead of you as you have seen what greed, war, racism, sexism, genocide, etc. are NOT your true destiny.

This is all very much unnecessary. 

But first you have to get through today. If it's too tough, as it sometimes is, don't make it worse, you have the power to make it better: you think it better. (no band aid required)

The only thoughts we need to have are one's that heal, that counter confusion, that have compassion, that understand truly we are trapped and CAN get out. From there the rest are details we don't need to entertain. 

Stay alive and create miracles

First thing I want to make sure is that nobody judges these children who committed suicide as them being any more flawed than the rest of us. They weren't weak, they weren't inferior, they were simply human. They made a decisions that is all.

And that decision was that this world is crap and they wanted to leave. Who could blame them? That is the healthiest response to having to live in a society that cripples it's inhabitants.

Bravo to them for understanding the ultimate deception may just be life.

However, it is a true dead end to die. So, no one needs go there. 

We are the ones who should learn.

These kids now await our help here as we can lay claim to our truth. For them. For us. For compassion. For the journey we all need to make together.

How will we do it?

First, maybe by dropping the notion that death is a release. It's more than likely a replay of life, in that we may enter another illusion which doesn't serve our greater purpose. Death is NOT our salvation. Suffering is not our fate.

Death is a control. A fear. And those who perished believing it to be anything else, needs us all to stop fooling ourselves, allowing forces to make us believe in religious and spiritual ideas that we need to suffer or we are weak or we are getting gifts for suffering. Yeah right...LOL

How many slave owners told their chattel they would get some prize or present if they just picked more cotton, endured more humiliation? All of them probably.

Whatever it takes to control us we must find a way to break free from. And help the souls who have died knowing that there is NO reason to suffer in this life or another form.

Your friend in truth. Laura Hart

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