Sunday, August 17, 2014

USA: the collection agency

From the "Mental" files case:

Affixed to poverty

The majority of people on fixed incomes and minimum wage employment are the targets of new and exploitive business practices obviously promoted by the government.

Those with fixed incomes cannot escape the lack of increase regardless of the sky high price increases simply to live.

It used to be banks such as Well's Fargo, would allow an interest free advance on electronic payday accounts.

Recently, Wells Fargo stopped this practice as it certainly didn't serve them to have to help the already bleeding class of fixed and lower income.

But a new predator business looms waiting for an emergency where they will take a large fee and some interest just to get a pay check ahead.

So, banks are removing the free helpful service and putting it into the craw of those who prey upon those who have no other choices.

And within a short time, the loans begin to add up and the person is now behind in all other payments. Duh you coudn't afford it before, now with charges and interest it's a spiral down hill into the land of the debt collection industry.

We are wasting human resources, and financially torturing the disabled, retired, mentally ill- all those who are considered lucky to get anything.

They are getting it all right and people are ruined for life. Loans on cars, this is another way to get all of the valuable belongings. And to keep these people from rising above their age, sex, disability or mental capacity.


And this begins the great rise of the debt collection industry ready to jump on those who any 2nd grade math student could figure is in constant jeapordy.

Also no support for the recipients, but no protection from the government.

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