Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Devil is in the details...

Life is a dream but you must live it daily 

What a concept, and one I have been acquainting myself with recently. It seems I want to start the tale of my life since the day I remember waking up in jail last Thanksgiving. Though many of my friends would prefer I use a euphemism instead of the bare bones notion that I spent some time in lock down. LOL

It still makes me laugh when I think how uncomfortable people are about certain issues. I can laugh because I still suffer from being human on a regular basis. Why discomfort can be quite illuminating.

Since we have established the time frame, I will tell you that when I returned home I had issues with time. I could not conceive of time, was confused by it. There is still a digital clock sitting below the chair in my bedroom. I used this clock to come back into time. It was my little time machine, it was. (how many times can I use the word time, this time???)

This clock played games with my mind. If I didn't mention it before, everyone I spoke with for the first week, would be told prior to our conversation, what time was on the clock. I was riveted to this clock, amused by it, insecure without it.

At one point I had engaged in some activity that really didn't suit my mood. Time seemed to slow down. I'd turn my head to the clock, see 10:15, what would seem like hours would pass, then I'd check again and it would be 10:16. I would roar with laughter as if the universe was showing me something funny.

When I would be engaged in something that I enjoyed time would take off and I would be thinking of feeding my body again. "Wow, it took two hours to read that story."

There it was, the buzz kill. I had to take care of my body, so much time had passed and my body was again in need of nourishment, hydration. "Dammit!"

Oh, the simplicity of not having a body. But then there's the issue of what quality of life there would be with out a body. LOL

This is why I say the devil is in the details. We are incredible beings, so creative. And so enamored with our creations, such as time.

I have fond memories of playing with my time machine.

As I wrestled with my sleep issues one night, I woke up and quickly looked at the digital numbers as this was my security - the time. It was after 5 am and the sun would be rising in an hour. I was distraught and laid awake for...a long time. When suddenly I woke up, again, and it was 3 am.

"Oh shit!"

I traveled back in time. LOL

What I'm describing here is something that I had not considered to be funny or amusing before this episode. Let me tell you time is a riot, I've never laughed so much.

But when the "time comes" you must get up, do your damnedest and "put in a good life." C'mon, we are here for the fun of it. Watch the clock and see for yourself how "time" has a sense of humor.

And don't forget the devil is in the details. Okay, it's not the "devil" but it's the drudgery of life that we sometimes have to "mind" our bodies. LOL (I do love language and it is alive just like time)

Be here now in a timely fashion. Have a great day! Laura Hart (time immemorial) 

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  1. "Compassion is letting someone have their experience, and rise from the ashes, so they have the confidence that nothing, not a thing, can happen to them to keep them from enjoying the freedom of life."