Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Bi-polar American back in London...

Lucky I'm across the ocean...

I must say that I'm so glad to have made the trip to Spain last week and I'm equally relieved to be back in London. The only reason  I'm feeling less pressured is that the English language is alive and well over here. It was quite intense to have to try and communicate with others in Spanish.

But well worth the trouble, as I really enjoyed the people I had the opportunity to visit. There's not enough nice things I can say about them--they were gracious hosts giving me the time of day as I rattled off nouns without verbs at them. I'm sure it was funny.

Today I wish Spain and her citizens the best of luck dealing with the change the whole world faces as the powers that be are trying to curtail the spending of money--well at least in terms of the workforce. I have yet to read any news about it, but the whole country is on strike.

Taking away benefits such as severance pay, pension plans, is seeing the light of day in many countries. In fact, here in England a budget was passed that began to erode away those privileges such as paying for healthcare. And in America the supreme court, not including Diana Ross, was looking over President Obama's healthcare package.

But in Spain, with a tremendous amount of unemployment, leading to a sort of social mental depression, they decided to make it well known the people, gentes, are not happy about this trend. They went on strike--fucking everywhere.

It's such a wild hypocritical ride as the rich take the poorest, most vulnerable people to task in just about every region of the world.

In America, it's okay to spend money on fucking bailouts, war, but not on helping the disabled or elderly. No, that would cost too much.

And it's kind of sick as the countries wanting to spend less (at least on certain, specific issues) are trampling the people who can't really fight back. Though I'm proud to say that mental health was cut and we crazy types went out and fucking protested.

What kind of people do this? Greedy mutherfuckers who have no moral compass to guide them. It's okay for the American government to "steal" from the Social Security pool of money, but it's not okay for Joe blow to get a few bucks a month to feed his family after he was injured?

Where are our priorities? 

Should those who are not hurting in all of this economic mess care about those who are being terrified--ostracized? Or would it be better that they just enjoy the success of being one of the few who are untouched by the catastrophe we call the American economy?

My feeling is that people who are truly driven by self-centered reasons will walk across a sea of dead bodies before they will give in and consider the plight of the many. Compassion and empathy really are rare qualities in people these days.

I've been longing to jump into this fight with the American Government. For instance, Governor Jerry Brown was recently reported to have considered repealing the laws which protect the other citizens of this country the animals, our pets- the dogs and cats.

Laws were put in place to keep these animals who often roam our streets with no food or care, from getting the very least: a decent funeral. The euthanasia issue along with housing these homeless animals is costing us some money.

So, the great Jerry "fuck you I'm doing fine" Brown decided that maybe the state could save some money by not housing these animals in what we have deemed in this country in a humane manner.

Brown also decided to attack the disabled and mentally handicapped along with seniors, and anyone else who is being given "some assistance" from the government.

Are you readers okay with Brown's ideas? What can we do to stop this mess of a Governor?

Brown and I go way back...

I'll tell you that I lost all respect for this man, as he is a coward. He really tries to play it off that he is somehow a "politician of and for the people" but he's just making a budget--he's not taking into account the real consequences of his actions.

If he were, then he'd consider that this bi-polar American is not going to shut up anytime soon. No, fuck you, Governor Brown, you're a loser and generally you and your cronies need to hit the road before I run you off of it.

Occupy will seem like a picnic next the person you are going to meet upon my return from this overseas trip. I have no issue telling this man that he's a liar - a fake - a phony. He's a politician and this is what they do.

Bi-polar Americans...well we do our own thing, which of course, cannot be predicted. It's all creative energy and it's all going to be pointed - focused on this self serving creation called the American Government.

KVHD under Fire is where we first met...

While Jerry Brown hid the fact that he was going to take another run at the Governor's mansion in 2009, I noticed his public relations department of the Attorney General's office, started cranking out the pablum for the people. Brown was taking on all sorts of cases to increase his exposure and thereby increasing his chances to take over for the terminated "Terminator" Arnold Schwarzenegger.

That's just not fair to use that position to catapult yourself into another office. But then who the hell said these people are fair? Oh yeah, we have laws against these practices.


No law will do a damn thing if there isn't someone there to enforce it. (I'm not going anywhere, but they will and I fucking mean it)

This man and his employees at the Department of Justice blew the whole case with the Kern Valley Healthcare District. They have lied to all of you and I know it. I know because of two reasons: one I lived the damn KVHD nightmare so I know all the players and the facts. And number two: they used the KVHD case to "ramp up" the propaganda.

Oh my God! This asshole Brown called the case at KVHD the worst case of elder abuse he had ever seen. That didn't stop the state from closing down the Board of Registered Nursing who take complaints. I imagine one who was trying to stop elder abuse would make sure there was plenty of oversight in place.

It also didn't stop him from using ABC news and Diane Sawyer to lay out his errant case before the public on the nightly news program.

Sawyer, apparently another idiot, did not ever respond to my requests that she look at that story that caused a huge amount of controversy in the local area. As far as I'm concerned, any media backing these practices, putting out material they never fucking researched-- should be taken down. These people don't have a responsible bone in their bodies.

And let me make it clear, that Diane Sawyer, did NOT mention the KVHD CEO, Pam Ott, in this story, thereby twisting the whole matter as she was the responsible party--the leader. And these boneheads allowed then California Attorney General, Jerry Brown, to participate in this elder abuse or media abuse scam they tried to call a "news story." It was a campaign device that the likes of Karl Rove would approve.

Fucking yeah, it was a story, but it was a story about how an AG can springboard to Governor at the cost of the people he is supposed to serve.

We went to him...

Just to mention at this point that Brown and the DOJ did NOT include Ott in their original sweep even though the woman had false credentials and scapegoated dozens of others to save herself.

And Ott went on to run another hospital as the craven crowd in the Kern River Valley did nothing to implicate or stop her crime spree. Well, that's because they were on their own spree, and stopping her would have brought those facts to light. She also stole from her new venue, pension monies and likely general obligation monies which are supposedly protected.

Brown was appraised of all of this. He and his lackeys could have easily obtained information from my other blog KVHD under fire. But he didn't. He's an ambitious guy. And now he has a budget he wants to cut at the sake of animals, the disabled, and the elderly he was supposedly attempting to protect in the role of AG.

I've been thinking...

It's really a good thing I'm not in the country at this moment as I've begun to remember certain things I'm sure nobody would like that I remember regarding what happened to me at KVHD last November. I give a warning now to the phlebotomist who tortured me: If you are there when I get back...I'm coming for you. And there's not a goddam thing you can do to stop me. (he knows who he is- that's all the warning he will get)

I truly appreciate people like Martin Luther King Jr. as well as Senior. They were incredibly patient souls. Unlikely that they were bi-polar. But I'm more a Malcom X if I were to make a comparison. The peaceful marching that was lead by MLK Jr. was so brave. I am not that brave. You set your fucking dogs on me and my people--you would be in for one hell of a fight.

And the people in Spain who are trying to take back that country only have the respect of a bi-polar American today. The family I got to meet and enjoy, has nothing but my affection. And the film students who struggle to find a place in which to create (while making a decent living) will need to fight or strike or whatever it takes to secure their futures.

I will be here with them all.

And I remember what I could not about my own treatment surrounding this hospital.  So there had better be time for this bi-polar to absorb this--oh so many miles from home. I'm angry, very angry. And I'm not going to smoke pot to make this anger go away. I won't be drinking the frustration down. There will be no drugs in my system as I evaluate what was done to me last year via KVHD.

You think torture happens in other countries? Well, wake the fuck up. It happened in small town, rural America with the blessings of such two faced people in politics: a senator - a governor - a hospital board. Now it's my turn. Let's rock mutherfuckers!

The KVHD trial is scheduled to begin on May 7, 2012, and I will be sitting outside the courtroom everyday until it's over.

Why outside?

Because these assholes set me up. The DOJ, you know who you are, attempted to keep me from covering the case. I was called out by the judge in court, accused of taking film without permission. Which I did NOT do.

I was then barred from the courtroom as I was said to be a supposed witness in the--penalty portion of the trial. All to keep me out. Why are they so scared?

But I made sure to file a paper with the court indicating that I had been falsely accused of taking video. I also mentioned to the judge that I had been part of the case because I happen to be against killing the elderly. Apparently I'm alone in this as Governor Brown is obviously a liar as he did nothing to change elder abuse in California. He appears to clearly not care about the elderly unlike myself.

There very well could be a plea bargain and these elder abusing assholes could get back to work and know that they are untouchable. I won't stop hunting them. And I will start hunting the politicians who let this happen. I'll make a blog for each of them if I have to. In fact, I can see in my mind a blog with Jerry Brown starring in it.

Whatever it takes to make the situation safe for people who don't have the ability or tenacity to fight back.

Brown and his lawyers ignored that I have witnesses they have not even used. Yes, they are basically making shit up as they go along. Well, they won't mind if I create some fabrications of my own. Right?

Does it all happen for a reason?

I can't answer that question. What I can say is that I should not even be here on this planet, I should be dead a hundred times over. But I'm not. And there are certain people who need to worry about it.

There won't be the violence on a physical level, but then I don't need to do that: people are all cowards and have weak points and I happen to be really good at finding them.

There will be a reckoning. And I reckon I'll be the one doing it.

Have a great day bi-polars as there's a change of seasons: after summer they will fall. Laura Hart (the bi-polar reporter is back)

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