Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just to make YOU readers Crazy, OUT OF ORDER are the posts

So sorry, but I have no more time to manage my blog. Oh my, it's been turned upsidewaysaroundthebendtothestart and the clock is set from the beginning moments I decided to Come on out with my life.

Go forth, and have fun. It's truth, it's unedited, and unfettered, and it's only a portion, a tiny dieter's portion of my WHOLE story.

This story of me, I've entitled "Unacceptable Behavior." It took me a lifetime to write and live it.

And if I return from my latest trip to the belly of the whale, I'll tell you all about it. lol

There are ways to read this blog, easier than this new configuration.

LOOK TO THE RIGHT-----SEe those stories to get acquainted. Then plunge your courageous selves into the dense matter of the three years worth of posts.

Take good care. Your Friend in Truth/The rabbit hole in the wall gang leader: Laura Attlast

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