Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Welcome "Sean Time"

We have a new writer/artist aboard, and he is going to show off some of his drawings for you along with his macabre stories which are funny as hell.

Look for pictures of our new protege and hopefully many more stories to come.

Sean is also one of the people featured in our movie, "The Order of the Bi-Polar Disorder."

Of course, he's bi-polar.

Sean has a physical ability much like Jim Carey to change his face and physically act out comedy, so our movie will be more interesting because of him.

This young BP has a thing for zombies so get ready for some really off the wall humor.

We are creating a whole new genre for our books and movies, all bi-polar, but instead of finding our materials in the "mystery" "fiction" "thriller" sections, we have our own section: "The unpredictable" genre.

Thanks Sean. And look for his posts, pix and artwork.

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