Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Relationships and the bi-polar

Talking about the subject of bi-polars in relationships and the kinds of relationships we have, turns out to be a long round of conversation.

Every conceivable issue or problem has occurred in a bi-polar relationship. I thought I had heard and done it all.

I've listened now for hours and shared my own nightmares with my bi-polar friends, and I think sometimes is it really possible to have a relationship.

Now we have the potential of having bi-polar/bi-polar mixes. Yeah right.
That's like just bringing the gasoline in with the match. Boom!

Another bad mix is the manic and the depressive. Oh, good god, the long hours of arguing black and white.

The bi-polar and the controller is a no win situation. The bi-polar likes to have big, colorful, sails on a light craft to journey out to sea. Controlling types stay docked in their thinking and structure their lives out of fear. Fear is just a bump in the road for the bi-polar.

Most of us bi-polars get along with each other as long as we understand we are going to piss one another off at some point. There has to be trust because we're so damned sensitive that our itty bitty feelings get hurt quite often.

My last relationship was with a depressive, with tons of depressive, self-destructive, self-loathing, self-absorbed energy.
I was, on the other hand, in constant motion flying around looking for more creative outlets.
He chose to hide in his depressive state and look for sympathy, which I could only supply for a short time as I don't believe any of us are victims.
The ill fated relationship only really happened because of my lack of impulse control. Hey, he was walking around in his skivvies, and I saw toys.

That happens to be another subject entirely. Sex and the bi-polar. Basically, it's about survival, sex, food and water. The rest is uninteresting.

Bi-polar sex is unique too, we'll talk about that in another post.

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