Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some poetry by "Polar Man"

(Everybody wants a bi-polar name to write under, so I have no problem with that. I guess mine would be the bi-polar reporter, so that one is taken for good. We have seen King Arthur, Polar Man, Depolarized, and others will follow.)

If I were to sing the sorrow Of a melancholy dream
Would you listen come tomorrow
To the echo of my scream
And if I meant to end my life
Would you find it hard to care
Could you watch my soul leave in strife
Consumed by my despair
I know not of your true belief
And what you are doing here
But sit it through and share my grief
Since your absence is my fear
And then one day you may look back
At what we went through today
To learn that you set me on track
By caring enough to stay

To whom it may concern
Yes, your lesson has been learned
But you think that you know me well
How is this, pray do tell
When you have things so very wrong
You think I am weak when I am strong
And you think that I don't understand
How you feel and where you stand
If you took just a moment to
Realize what I mean to you
And likewise, only tried to see
That you are a special part of me
And even if I have strange ways
Thoughts of you still fill my days
But you can't do any of this
Because your thoughts are amiss
And your heart has strayed from home
To painful places it can roam
Why not just believe my words
And soar with me among the birds
Alas, I know not what to do
But say once more that I love you...

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