Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Living the unbelievable life: then being called a liar

I've decided that everything that happens is for a reason. And in all of that contains both inherently good and bad things and ideas.

So, after four years of hearing all sorts of gossip about myself, from "drug addict" to "insane" to "gay" to "alcoholic" I had an episode the other night which lead me to begin this series of posts.

Since the people who are saying these things neither can defend or define, I thought I would help out by at least allowing them the weapon I use against those who don't stand up for what is clearly right in this world: the TRUTH.

TRUTH IS FIRE, but it burns away what we don't need, which is to suffocate on our own constricted thinking.

From now on if anyone wants to smear me, this site will contain the stuff to use.

I will take off my armour and they can have the pile of rocks collected from my life and can throw them as hard as they want at me. I want to handle the truth.

What I found the other night was years of lies and dirty secrets I kept from my early days. Things happened to me that were unbelievable, so therefore, I had to trust in myself. It is even difficult for me to understand what has gone on all these years, so I would be happy to tell you.

Not that you will believe it, but because I will.

I remember after I got my eye glasses when I was 12, my friends had made fun of me calling me, what else, "four eyes." I guess I didn't care if I had four eyes I was grateful just to see correctly which allowed me a lot more than a reaction to an obviously stupid put down.

This series, IS my life, and I couldn't write it fictionally if I wanted to.

So, we begin, what it's like to lead an unbelievable life....

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