Tuesday, November 13, 2012

No answers, just more questions...my alcoholic brother

The waste of time and money

Are people are waste of time and money or are they salvageable?

It's a question you ask yourself everyday as people all around you are spinning out of control and others pretending to help though their whole premise is to make money.

My brother has been drinking for more than two years straight, it can't go on much longer, or it could, but his bi-polar disorder won't let it.
His chemistry will eventually degrade to a point where he can't think and will likely do something to himself or some phantom thoughts he has about the world.

The bi polar chemistry so easily rattled, needing so much vigilance, and when the breakdown occurs and the person finally has the strength to say, "I need help," there is no help.

I'm talking to you Alcoholics anonymous and all the crapola put together by government agencies who could be doing such a great job if they knew how to spend money and use it wisely. But as we know it doesn't happen that way.

Having my own struggle with these prescribed pharmaceuticals which the doctor puts their stamp of approval on, and your out the door, with your pills. You hope you're not in the small percentage who will have side effects or even deadly side effects, or permanent ones, but you take the chance because illness is worse than trying nothing.

Then there's the addicts, alcoholics, and one being my brother whom I love and can't even begin to help. And phone call after phone call i can't find anyone to reach out and find us some help.

It isn't there, he has the wrong insurance, he will have to travel, he has to have a felony, he has to qualify to get help.

I've tried not to get super mad about this, because it's so freaking ridiculous I can't believe it.

What I can't believe is the stupidity which created the safety nets. Big holes in those nets and people are falling through.

Not the people who want to fall through and have even planned out the trip, knowing they have nothing left, feel as though they will not be contributors to the big plan, or can't be counted on to think about anyone but themselves.

These people have a choice to some degree. There are those looking for a choice or an option and that is where we let them down.

My brother is an alcoholic. His drug of choice can be obtained anywhere, the store, the bar, at a party, restaurant, and even your kitchen cabinet.

He said he doesn't understand why he can't stop drinking. My sister and I reassured him he is an alcoholic, and that might have something to do with it.

Where do we go?

I don't know what to do next, I've dialed the phone asked questions, and came up with little or nothing hopeful. Even if my brother could ask for help, where would he go?

I can't find it?

Is it time to think this thru and find a way to actually help and not squander time and money?

He's worth the time, he needs to know he's okay and can live without all the chemicals, which for a bipolar, is never easy.

I'll update as we work on this. Bakersfield AA, I'm about to call you back...

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