Friday, November 23, 2012

The Bitch is Back and Biting mad

Hey wake up sleepy heads,

I'm making Waves and surfing a perfect storm. Oh yeah, the truth is never given a comfy seat and a cup of java, but Bucket then Fuck it, list. lol

i'M  NOT kicking the bucket, but I fuck the kickers, as well as boot lickers.

Oh yeah, we got some talent, raw, and you should see them now. tAlking and walking tall, truth speak, with a bill of goods.

Thank Scooter, a well spring of wisdom, compassion, and slip from my Freudian files, X  marks your spot, with a dot and you dash, and the question marks.

Time to claim your fame. Loving what I'm seeing with all my eyes. THANQS

SOON, Sacrameanto, or maybe just youngblood lust?

Laura Attlast

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