Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bi-Polar Chic: The Bi-Polar American

The Protest

Recently, I had a moment of recognition, I understand this code of behavior I have established, chosen to abide as I ride the wild ponies of the Bi-polar world.

Bi-Polar Chic

Yeah, there is a so much to be angry about, so much reckoning, but then there is recognizing we are all victims of victims of victims of victims...etc. The blame game is drama, chasing tails, all imprisoning, not freeing.

Two weeks ago, I stepped into the Emergency room, was told I was not lucid, had a doctor who thought he had the market cornered on sanity, his answers shinier with credentials, mine, just squawks from the "defective" bi-polar, mental problem to the world.

Left quickly, feeling demoralized. Down and out again, no help, no care, no healthy encounter. Health Care words of emptiness.

Got in my car, the 5150 mobile, and suddenly felt the word, "NO."

Drove my car in front of the ER doors, honked the horn, played music and Danced in my seat. Not sure if this was "correct" or "okay" or "palatable" I simply, continued to protest in my "Bi-polar Chic" way.

Personnel peeked out of doors, nurses helped surreptitiously, and then the ambulance arrived.

Bi-Polar Chic protestors in my world, move out of the way, not choosing to cause harm. 

Harming someone is easy peasy, it's for beginners.

Creating an original Event is Bi-polar Chic. 

So, I let the ambulance by, but holding strong and now it was time for police round up.

They came and said they would break my car windows and pull me out.

But, "Law enforcement Chic" happened too. I simply told them the truth, no anger, nothing more than I was doing this because I did not beleive bullying someone asking for help will do anything more than cause "Repetitive Emotional Injury."

Three hours later, several officers asking for the story of why I was doing what I was doing, and finally, they asked me if I would do them a favor and not have them be listed in the newspaper as the officers who had to arrest the bi-polar who only wanted help.

Yes, for them, who did help. Their patience with me, my chance to simply state my story, stand my ground, not harm or hurt, was revived by the hearts in law enforcement.

What happened was nothing short of awesome.

No fists, guns, harsh words, just some shake it up Bi-polar Chic style. And with kudos to the much maligned Kern Sheriff's department, who did a super job healing this bi-polar, without any ER, medication, shots or cots, they lifted me up.

Thank you.

Bi-Polar Chic recommended on every occassion.............

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