Tuesday, January 8, 2013

From KVHD under Fire: Clear the air...

Clear the air...

Living in the Kern River Valley, one must endure the daily flight pattern of a seeming overzealous, pompous military presence on an extraordinarily regular basis.

Choppers, fighter planes, cargo units--even large triangular shaped "thingys" with great mufflers to help them pass silently above our heads--criss crossing trails of smoke forming grids in the sky.

Is it the "Show me" kids from China Lake or China or wherever? I don't know, but they do seem to love their toys.

"Top gun to stun gun, come in...when do we get the facts that matter?" 

Yeah, that's what I said. It's my preference to use the weapons of mass communication or what we "first amendment" types might call ourselves: "verbavoires."

Maybe some prefer the second amendment, pull a gun and shoot, type of posturing? The moment you bite on that bullet, you may get gut shot with a storehouse of government gunpowder.

It appears to me the "mili vanilli tary" lip syncs to this 2nd amendment as there is an arsenal of weapons to point at its own citizenry.

Yawn, stretch--BORED!

So what--they can create jazzy jets, zippy stuff in the sky, bomb and burn and beam, blast or blare--or just control? Woo hoo!

These are the great thinkers of our time?

Something's off, and I smell a diaper. Someone has not changed the baby in a while, and the only explanation I can possibly attribute to this mess of a world, is on the disorder of a "Lord of the Flies" scenario.

Who has the conch shell?

These "scrotums with modems" have now trained the youngest generation to "run" their toys with a handset from a desk or a coffee shop; they created an army of couch potatoes too obese to run across a physical battle field.

But these children are in the other room of your house practicing to become a militarized mind on the X box as we speak.

These flights of fancy flying machines, these displays such as a territorial mockingbird, solidify my suspicion that we are dealing with the most "IMMATURE" aspects of this errant world.

So, what about a real game?

Word processor or pen or pencil?--choose your weapon. lol

Please don't bore us with a game of drones, this most certainly a show of weakness.

The reticence of the military is well known, also called "stonewalling," but it's time to get some courage and drop the real "bomb shell" known as the TRUTH.

The focus can simply be on how to agree we DO have a problem, Houston...

The problems are pervasive, on every level of this game-- the environment, the weather, the governments, and the minds and hearts of all who live this mess.

"Boring for Dollars" is I label the pyramid scam, illusory, economy, a rudimentary game of power for beginners, where exclusive groups pull the strings, vying for top of the food chain status.

It appears to me to be an uncreative force, blocking, dividing, addicting and cruelly imprisoning those within its mindset.

There are those "special" types who are not selling out to this already "sold out" crowd. They appear to be in the minority, I sadly report.

Only the powerless would need to build up a military--an overcompensation I suggest. But for what? Is the government protecting us or protecting its own interests or protecting itself?

The KRV is also now occupied with the "Army corn of in-gin ears" as they "cell" us on the idea of how we have the most dangerous "Dam" in-the-nation.

Boring for dollars systematically breeds (greeds) these paid welfare recipients of a political bent, to do its bidding. These puppets are actively being fed dollars to go forth and expand their Waste lines and lands.

We don't have an open, transparent communication on this "Dam" the "austerity is for suckers" project. There are probably as many unique reasons as there are mouths to feed.

So we passively call these transgressions of forthrightness, elder abuse or scams, "water under the bridge."  Are we conditioned to "look the other way?"

We accept, are complicit with, the lowest of energies. Paralysis of the possibility, we are more, and we are better, than we have thus far experienced.

So please, with humble, yet grumble, I seek to find answers with TRUTH and COMPASSION as to why this is all necessary.

They say the room for improvement is the largest room in the world, I say the world needs to make room for improvements in its home field advantages....

Laura Hart--The Bi-Polar American

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