Friday, January 11, 2013

KVHD under Fire: Post Recycling

Friday, January 11, 2013

Edge A Caution: America's Academia-dementia

Years ago it was instilled in us Americans that education was the way "out" of this predicament in life called "poverty," a condition maintained in our social system known on this blog as: Boring for dollars, the pyramid scam.

Now it's the schools that have learned how to make some dough and a few middle men seize the advantages of the game of "Edge A Caution": America the debt trappers.

Student Loans

Can't crack the old bankruptcy stick in case of emergency when your dealing yourself into the student loan card shark game.

Therefore it's a con game with an end game that could favor or disfavor, depending on the luck of the overdrawn.

Private schools such as the "alma doesn't matta" home of Kern Valley Healthcare District Cheif Financial officer, Chester Beedle, LaVerne University are an ever expanding franchise business opportunity. And teaching business is one of their specialties.

It appears as a do what we do. Find a gravy train and make a splash. And don't worry about mashing a few potatoes while boarding this "loco" motive.

Phoenix University rose from the ashes of a burned out system, not the elusive "seat of enlightment" but of a vocational splintered industry designed to paper train with immense paper trails.

It's costing too many who haven't a scholarship or a penthouse quorum at the top pyramid scam economy, and the students who falter for this bait then tackled proposition can expect to be hounded by the ever growing "debt collection" industry in case of late or non-payment.

They say Volume is the key, well the mirth makers of this loving society, have pumped it up.

I recieved a phone call the other day from one of the beneficiaries of these "hire than you are" education dealers.

These specialized colleges of no repute, prepackage their wares, offer two and four year degrees in heavily marketed career areas such as--Criminology-- national security-- or film making--a mutual menu of specialization.

--And they have a middle man.

His job is to size up the potential to simply get a warm human body to take a loan to pay for an education which may or may not be worth the cost--or guarantee any sort of pay or job in these industries--but will infuse money and possibly hope to those starved of either. No credit required or taken.

I asked this savvy solicitor who had been transferred from a front caller, who originally called to survey my educational needs. She suddenly dropped from the line and a male, more manipulative voice took over.

Before he got too far into convincing me of my education inadequacies, I interrupted and asked what business he was in. Who was he associated with and how did he make money.

Quickly he bragged that the company calling me, (or actually hired an independent telephone solicitation firm to cold call and transferred me to them) was a Fortune 500 race car of a company.

And he added they had risen to the top quickly--an industry leader for three years, he crowed.

There must be some easy footholds when climbing the ladder made of the hopes and dreams of young, aspiring, even more so, of desperate, hungry, out-of-work, Americans.

"Wow," I asked him, "who pays you?"

These ever growing school franchises are pushing dollars at "dough" nuts who don't need much to figure out a way to push "easy loans" to the poor and "undercertifiable" and I had one of these beneficiaries of the US educational system on the phone.

Not only did I learn that his company makes millions selling a dream to an insomniac population, I imagined that with a cost of 50 thousand pyramid scam dollars to complete a Bachelor's in Criminology, that Someone should get to the crime scene of this world of "Akademonic" dollars for a look&see.

These costly, over inflated programs are backed and insured by the US Government's "Go and Get 'em" student loan collection industry thriving and driving it's own Fortune 500 mobile.

"Oh sorry you're barely making it, or couldn't find a job- or had to take any damn job in any damn industry-so sorry but you are NEVER going to escape your "Stewedint" loan. Oooo, ha, ha, ha, ha (evil laugh).

It's a new list: Death, taxes, student loans (Cal Mtg. loans to underserved rural healthcare Districts)

So we have the college with all the knowlege, along with inter-nets to hold all the fishy schools, which have some FUNding to pay for this man on my telephone making his fortune peddling "higher education monies" for his "friendors" the vendors of candy bar in the sky exams.

These college franchises don't have to do much to reduce overhead, as campus free, is "frat free," and they can afford to feed a bolemic sales force, binging and purging, for potential students. And the colleges spring into business everywhere under this government fortified bulwark of serial entrapment.

Tiny strip malls, with aged wooded siding, will do--or an office building floor--many programs require nothing special in terms of a campus or equipment, or the bothersome task of housing and counseling of students. It appears the "financial counseling" takes place in a call or two, transfer student, to the loan program.

Some more specailized University types do provide a campus with smaller satellite units orbiting their home base. And there is also a trend toward all colleges to go on-line as there are benefits and costs accounted for--But what is lost in intelligent design and human interaction is "written off" as unnecessary.

Many of these colleges are Cheap to operate, "Laptop Learning" teachers can teach in their underwear from their car, and certainly no creativity required as they are following college cirriculum or template or cookie cutter, provided then certified by another member of the gang on this chain.

With that irritating "student-teacher" relationship laid to rest, there's only some paperwork for the office workers at the college who got their own certified "AA" degrees around the corner at an old TAco Bell building.

Burdened with their own student loans, these office personnel possibly get $10 an hour to  make half the country richer by shuffling the paperwork of Crony created colleges spawning bags of money for middle men and end players who have a RIGGED playing field.

The government provides, does it not, the playing field? Lol All the legislation, licensing, certifications, loan approval qualifications, classifications, designations, board and directors, all of these to make sure that American's can have a chance at....(Oh YEAH BABY, a FORTUNE 500 company with Porsche and arrogance included)

Umm, an Education?

Vocational and profanely profitable, who would have thought? Oh well the student loans for "truckers licenses" and "Medical Office Assisting" got this show of a program and industry generator up and running.

It's just been taken to "higher student loan indebtedness level."

"Wanna be somebody? Not a nasty old poverty ridden, shoe dwelling, old maid--or change your useless, disabled, "made in a China shop" bullshit existence? 

Come aboard "Captain Corrupto's" titanic educational ferry across the seas of anonymity, obscurity, and poverty into the world of "HIGHER VOCATION." 

What a success story! I practically want to weep.

Laura Hart--The Bi-Polar American


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