Monday, January 2, 2012

Asshole Week!

Sometimes we are assholes...

whether you know it or like it, you are an asshole at some point. what drives you there is another story, but kindly don't think you are never an asshole. Otherwise you are a bigger asshole than the rest of us.

I guess I'm stuck on being an asshole for today and maybe most of yesterday or even the day before. Oh, yes, it's total asshole time. I'm in it for the real deal. I'm being and saying all the right things.

Good friends must press our asshole buttons so we can go there. My friends did that to me this morning with a simple request that I don't drive my own car...?

It started the other day...

So, what are friends for other than to be there to kill a good time. I excitedly took the wheel of my own car and drove my friend and her son out of town. Much to my dismay, as I was having quite the road trip, they were both petrified and even claim to have had a panic attack. All of this due to my driving.

I was irritated to say the least as the moves I made were memorable and the road seemed to clear just for my car. Awesome, I thought, not knowing my friends were freaking out.

Nagged, ragged and tagged, I let them take over on my least favorite part of the trip and as I told my friends we would be in a line of cars at some point and it would take two hours. It was meant to be as they never passed a car really. You must pass to get anywhere, in my opinion. Plus it's just more fun that way.

This lead to an exchange about my driving and finally to the morning we were leaving.

Good morning don't drive...

What the hell, was my response to the request that I don't drive us all home. Too dangerous and so forth were the excuses. I am telling you right now, no matter how much I am changing, I still don't like shit. If I had wanted us to die, we would have.

If you're afraid, don't forget there is NO SAFE PLACE! Jesus, we all need to understand it will come to us if we think we can hide. Me driving fast but alert, was in their minds a license to kill them, unnecessarily. Her driving slowly, hit by a fast driver, a drunk driver, whatever, that could happen, death by being safe.

I can't stop the fear, but I made a choice to leave them to get their own ride. What a great trip home with nobody to bitch about the driving and some grand moves on my part!

I asked...

Stopping by my friend's house to explain to her kids why I left their mother and brother behind seemed to go better than I expected. I simply asked what was I suppose to do? I had offered briefly to "get along" and just allow them to drive. They didn't hear me out and decided to get their own ride. Bye bye.

One of the kids seemed upset.

"What a dick!"

"What was I suppose to do?"

"You left my mom and my brother."

"They wouldn't let me drive my own car."

Then silence. So, we seemed to understand each other, I explained their brother was a pussy, and he had a panic attack, and that seemed to take care of the question of why I did what I did.

I'm not being an asshole to everyone. I reserve it for occasions such as this one. LOL

It's a new year...

Things have and continue to change for me. The new year randomly marks a new beginning for me and I guess everyone else. I have some plans to be better at being. If I think on it, I've been terrible at living. I now have a new perspective, not so much enjoyed by everyone else, but it's where this party gets started.

There comes a time in everyone's life...(I'll leave it at that.) Laura Hart

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