Thursday, January 5, 2012

The last thing I wanted to I did it!

Crawling under the house...

I thought I would never crawl under my house, I would hire someone, or remove the house first. But as we know Murphy's law always wins when you "NEVER" want to do something.

My dog Walter and I were working in the yard when we heard the hissing sound. "Shit," was my first reaction as I saw the water collecting underneath this old fucking house. I also did not want to deal with a plumber or some facsimile thereof. I've done plumbing and it's not rocket science.

So, a friend kind of motivated me to go under the house. It was more like, "do it" but it got me under there. I ended up crawling several times, slithering under the pipes, finding the leak.

Some crazy mutherfuckers did my plumbing, landscaping and everything to do with this money pit. It was an odd concoction I found under the house. I went ahead and replaced it or I would have had to replace the plumbing...which I will eventually.

It felt really good to do this. I say that without my usual sarcasm. I fixed the leak, and am now motivated to change the leaky faucets inside the house too!

Doing what needs to be done...

I am finding myself doing things I have not done in a very long time. I have loads of work, not including the daily maintenance which is my house, animals, and me, the slob. Picking up after myself is a full time job!

It's a new day with all new POTENTIAL meaning I can find something awesome in anything, at anytime. I resisted doing the plumbing due to the fact that I had to crawl under a dirty house, with God knows what underneath there. It was not so bad. It was fine in fact, which opens up the possibility for more work, and accomplishing things I had closed off with my thinking that I would not crawl under my house.

So, the message for the day would be: don't close off your thinking! I know that if I can crawl under my house, get the creepy crawly feeling too, then we all can open up doors and walk through them. I'm going to open doors today and see where I can find more possibility! Hope you knock on some doors too. Laura Hart (ready for more)

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