Friday, January 6, 2012

The sensitive bi-polar...

Yes we can be sensitive...

As I wrote the definition of being a bi-polar American, BPA, I realized I had not touched on the more sensitive side to our kind. We are a mutant species, most likely, with the ability to see both sides, the up and down, left to right, and so on. We live it daily.

Sometimes we can be mistaken for people who don't care. It's quite the contrary though, we care far too much. In my case it's been a problem as I get angry when people are hurt, taken advantage of, harmed in any way. I care about the whole world, which makes for some long days.

People know they can count on me. They know that I will likely be by their side through the most difficult of times. I will be supportive or I'll do the dirty work, whichever is necessary.

Don't tell me it's not tough...

Caring about people is the toughest thing you'll love to do. When you don't care is when the problem starts and life gets twisted.

The whole process of caring starts with the idea that we are important and that life is important. Well, it is and it isn't. In some ways the only thing that makes life tolerable is the love and kindness of others. I try to make sure to be kind whenever I can.

I enjoy being kind, it's really not a problem. People don't always care if I'm kind or not, but I put it out there, allow my enthusiasm, sense of humor, compassion, to be in the forefront.

I'm not kind because I have to be...

Some people pretend to be kind. They do it so that others will accept them, they try to avoid judgment, and they lose their whole life doing this.

Be kind because it's fun to be kind. It's nice to make someone smile. And it's infectious. Spread the kindness around.

When kindness doesn't work...

What happens when you're kind and caring, and others are the opposite? That's where we have to take into consideration the why of it all. Why did she do that? Why is he doing this? Well, if you're honest then you realize that everyone has problems and sometimes they cannot see beyond those problems to smile back at your happy ass.

And there are times when you SHOULD be bold and tell the truth above all else rather than"play" kind. Sometimes there are wake up calls other people should be hearing. This does not mean we are better or worse than anyone else. It simply means we have a vantage point to look at that someone may have blinded themselves to.

When I was young, yesterday, I thought I was the worst piece of shit on this planet. I assumed no one else could be as bad or ridiculous as I am. I still battle these feelings. But as I've gotten older I've had to put them aside and listen to the wisdom of the universe. It's ridiculous to think I'm the worst. And when you get in touch with the universe you too will realize how much we are the "best."

We are incredible, but then everything is incredible. I enjoy each moment. I'm amazed at it all.

You can't always be kind...

Sometimes kindness doesn't pan out and it's time to use other methods of getting your point across. In some cases where you see people drifting into negativity or they are being harmful, it's time to use bigger guns. We all have the ability to speak up and stand up for something.

We may not think we have the courage, but we do have it, and we can use it to make changes. If you believe you are strong enough to challenge those who are harmful, then you are. It's all that simple yet we don't see it that way.

The universe stands behind those with the courage to be strong, humble and kind. You will have back up from this creator in whatever you do when you follow these small steps. Expect miracles as they are here for the taking.

Create a great day...

For today, don't be afraid to be kind to those who need kindness. This could be anyone, your friend, loved one, co-worker, boss, neighbor, customer service rep, or whomever. And equally don't be afraid to tell someone the truth when they need to hear it.

The great things we can do and the excitement we can add to our lives when we actually live it, is amazing. Go forth and make this life something special. Laura Hart (creative type)

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