Friday, December 30, 2011

Sins of the flesh! Awesome...

Always on my mind...

After being tossed from a church due to my discussion of sins of the flesh and how cool it is, I am now interested in enjoying these damn sins. And I'm finally ready to rock and roll!

Sex has been part of my background since I was too young to remember. Yes, it was traumatic at the least to be a small child hopelessly engaged in this practice, but I did grow up and do have a desire to find what it is I need.

Out on this horizon there is "straight" and "gay" sex which makes me kind of befuddled as I simply "LIKE SEX" and don't really care what kind. I  mean there are limitations for me, but some people are creepy, crazy and like it weird. I won't judge them until I've been in or out of their shoes...LOL

But the best part of this is that I get to decide who and what I want in terms of sex. I get miserable with people who don't know how to enjoy it. So sad! I know that I enjoy the hell out of it, and wish others would not take the "sexy" out of sex.

How to ruin sex...

There are those who are miserable, they think sex is wrong, some sex is okay, they fake it, they pretend to be into it, they are the people who have ruined sex. It should and can be a lot of fun.

First, there should be discussion, talking, not the fake stuff, but real "I want this, what do you want" kind of questions. I always go overboard and like to make all the moves. I can get the party started and know what kind of sex it will be.

There are two kinds of sex, good and better. The best kind involves the real deal, being there while thinking of the person you are with. The second is when someone is caught up in their woes and sex is an outlet to hurt someone, or for some other reason than enjoyment. Shit, either way it can be fun!

Even if the person you are with is there to hurt another, then make it good so it does hurt!

Dirty people...

I love people who find themselves sexually...while they are with me! Sometimes it takes a bit of doing, but most people given the chance, enjoy the intimacy of sex. It's a great outlet for anger too! If you're angry with someone there's nothing like sex to take the edge off.

People who have been repressed all their life are my favorites. This means they can let it loose, have the time of their lives, if they are given the opportunity. I do like to give opportunities.

So, I have fantasies too. And sometimes they are plain dirty so I need that someone or two special people to help me play it out! Oh, hell, three is company too. LOL

Let the fun begin!

I'm heading out on a trip to enjoy the "sins of the flesh" as the church folks call it. Now most of them are avoiding it. HELL NO, I'm looking forward to it. I happen to be a veteran of the sin of sex, so it will be interesting to see what I wind up with this holiday weekend.

Over 30, that is where I put the limit. I may lower my standards for the weekend, and say, "anything within the law!" Who cares it will be fun.

Hope you have fun this weekend. If you decide to do it, do it well! If it's crummy, make sure to laugh about it. And if you wake up with a stranger...hope they have a car and money for breakfast! Laura Hart (sinner)

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  1. I admire your open-ness! Any man(some women) reading this will clearly understand what a gift bipolar manics energies and intuitions truly are. Share the love!