Thursday, December 8, 2011

Good morning from Laura Hart

It's a rough morning, but I have the faith that it will also be a rough afternoon...Trying to be funny, but I do want to make things work so I will endure.

I also want to make money and that is on my mind as I have been considering the prospect of going back to work, be it writing my books I so enjoyed, or making it in a job situation.
Yes, it's a good idea to have somewhere to go and making commitments, which really makes me sick to my stomach, but knowing that I have a job would be nice.

I must be trustworthy to do this, so I must make all the progress I can before I just simply dive in. Good thing the people around me are more serious than I have been.

Long nights and longer days have lead to my new perspective on things. I'll make sure that I am in good shape and ready to go for this new adventure. I want to sleep at night, but it appears that I have been holding back the sleep myself.
I can't believe I'm saying it, but I appear to be afraid to sleep. I can catch an hour here and there, but when I do finally get to sleep I hallucinate or something odd like that. Now I can and will find out what is going on, just hang with me, I have to follow thru...the toughest part.

More to follow: the hunt for a job and to write the books and screenplay

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  1. Laura, its acuadesia. im in class right now and tyring to write my bipolar paper...i was wondering if u could help me write it after school today or tomorrow...please call me at like 4 or 5