Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Feeling like a million bucks!

What are limitations?

I have only recently thought about why the people around me want to limit my desires and dreams...why, because that is what people do. We put limits on ourselves constantly, making us miserable and unable to get the things we could have.

I've enjoyed the hell out of food this week! Geez, I've eaten more than any fat person I know. I also have barely gained a fucking pound. I went out and walked yesterday, it was too cold for a really good walk, but I had to do something about all the food. Walking is great, it would be even more awesome if the temperature would stay above fucking 30 degrees!

Now I've slept like a baby, eaten like a baby, and have a big goal of doing more. I get people who want me to stop enjoying myself, which I am doing. They don't bother me much anymore. As I pray and sleep I get information of the world I live in.

Even though I seem to be moving rather quickly, attacking all my weaknesses, I still have a desire to be part of the world around me. I allowed my life to get boring and I allowed others to control me, now I realize I have the control I always thought I should have.

Take time to look at it all...

If you're confused as I have been, it's time to look at the whole picture. What can be done that no one else is even considering could happen? You have all the power you need to make things happen for yourself, the same as I do for me.

Are you using it? Well, I'm going to be using it for all it's worth! That is the fun of this life, the one we all come charging back to create over and over again. Talking to the religious who hide behind their bibles will not bring the joy you so desire. Enjoying every minute, every person, every story, etc., will bring the results of happiness.

I'm way too happy as each moment brings new sensations...There are those who want me to stop the happiness and get into the misery, but I'm not willing. I happen to enjoy the happy and may want to be miserable "another time."

There is one rule to this life and that is you only have "right now!" Enjoy it! Take care, Laura Hart

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