Sunday, December 25, 2011

The best Christmas yet!

What a great time!

I woke up and now it's going to be some fun from here as Christmas, spoiled for so long, makes me smile! I enjoyed the hell out of it.

The three kids who were with me at the hospital board meeting which launched my anger last year, as they could see right through the administrators and board members, were the highlight for me last night. God, we watched movies, a funny comedienne, then suddenly realized we were out of food at midnight.

We jumped up, grabbed our stuff, and headed out in search of food. The Von's supermarket was our first target but they had closed. We banged on the windows only to find they were closed three hours prior.

Quickly, we jumped back in the car and found only the Shell gas station, still open, but on the brink of closing. A nice clerk let us come in and grab a bunch of junk, but I wanted fucking FOOD!

We headed back to the car and drove all the way to my house and grabbed hot wings! It was not to be, the food sucked, but we had a good time. I'm sick of sugary foods and my teeth actually fucking hurt. This must stop...but then there's pecan pie calling my name. (shit it's worse than fucking crack!)

Xmas morning...

Kids will be kids, and I knew that in the morning the youngest would want to get up, open presents, and I was right. I had gotten up early as the couch was not all that comfortable for an insomniac who can't sleep on a pillow top mattress. And the "hairless dog" slept with me, he was goddam hotter than a charcoal!

I woke up and cleaned the kitchen for my friend so they could get in there and enjoy the food. But the kids were excited and I looked on as they opened presents, some disappointed, others happy. Oh well!

Then Walter, my Boxer, and I headed home for a nice long nap. Walter was tired as he had to attack the kids as they played their Kazoo's! He enjoys the kids, the attention, the action: I can't blame him.

We slept until we were hungry again!

Walter and I awoke to each other, hungry again! Jesus, how could I consume this abnormal amount of food? It was easy, I kept going and going, and chewing and chewing...Awesome.

We headed to the party at AA and found a ton of food there. It was beautiful and the people were great. I met some people I had known but got to know them in a different way. We had been adversaries and now we are not. At least I am not.

Getting rid of anger has helped me immensely. Not to say that anger doesn't happen, it does. But I'm not into KEEPING it! That would be the difference. I have it, expel it, then move on. There are still some resentments, but little by little, I chip away at it all. Daily there are challenges, but each time I LET GO and LET GOD, something magical happens.

My friend from NA...

After eating up a storm and some friendly chatting with the NA folks, I carried on and realized I wanted another nap. Walter and I took our second nap, and we were so comfortable we were late to meet my angel and her family. I quickly called and apologized, she kept the kitchen open for me so I could consume more fucking food. GEEZ!

I went over and we enjoyed more food, after being attacked by her dog friends. Her dog thought that I was not a good person or something else, who knows, and bit my foot and hand so I quickly backed out of the gate. She had to put the dog away before it ate me!

What a nice dinner in a lovely house full of great people. I really enjoyed our talk, and Claudia, again, had pertinent and relevant information for me...she always does! The food was awesome too!

Heading to the new baby! 

Off I went to my brother's place where I would meet my new nephew of five days. Actually, it seems like more than that as my days are like years or something! The baby is beautiful, and I enjoyed petting him like a kitten or something.

He got up and gave us some hell and cried fiercely. My brother's gal, as they are not married yet, did a great job, but she's stuck with the idea the baby shouldn't cry. When Aunt Laura held him I told the cute thing he could and should cry! Go baby! I mean what else can they do at this stage?

So, I spent an hour there as the baby showed us how strong he is holding that head up already. He is named after my brother but really looks more like his mother. They have new challenges such as circumcision and how to handle the crying, coming up! My friend offered to sit for them, but I will wait as I have so much to do for me right now. I do love the baby and welcome him to the family...of bi-polars!

My new friend's family is NORMAL?

I spoke with a new friend of mine who is great, but has some interesting ideas about life. He told me he had a normal family. OMG, what does that mean? I told him he's met someone who is hardly normal, and would not even understand what he meant.

What is normal? A ruse that's what. I asked what he meant, and he said, "we don't have drama and so forth." Then someone is lying to someone, as everyone has issues, and everyone is knee deep in their own stuff. So, I don't know how to handle someone who thinks they are normal. It should be interesting as I'm far off center!

Great time now the new year...

Now comes the new year and I am planning some new activities for this year. The things I have not done, I'm going to do. I can't say all that I will do, but it will be awesome! There are relatives who want to see me and I miss them terribly. So, a trip is in order soon! I love to will be fun!

I've got a better idea of what I want but will defer to the universe as "I want" is a terrible place...who wants to want? I will fulfill my role in this world would be a better description.

Thought for today: this IS a stage and we are all merely players. You don't have to take things so seriously, relax and enjoy the ride. Good luck! Laura Hart (happy, happy)

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