Saturday, December 17, 2011

Letting it ALL go!

I could easily be angry or depressed...

Good morning, I feel renewed, and no longer want any sort of anger or depression screwing up my days. So, people hurt me and I them, that's over, today will be my day.

Throwing away my anger and resentment happens to be at the top of the list today. I can't fix them, or my house...LOL

So much time passed with me not taking advantage of each and every moment. Now is here and I will enjoy the moments. Who knows what I can do if I put myself in a frame of mind to accomplish things. Also not going to drama land will allow for more to get done.

Trust me this is not easy. The butcher said I look like I'm in pain. Maybe so, I have no pain killers or pills, or booze, or cigarettes to fall back on. I have my natural chemicals which seem to keep me going. For some reason sweating all night but I enjoy the sleep whatever amount I get.

That's all folks, I have food to buy and cook, and dreams of better things for me. Thanks to everyone who gave me my most recent challenges. I hope that they can handle the challenges which come from brushing up against me...

Take care and forgive yourself! Have a good day, you are not a victim of anyone or yourself! Laura Hart

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