Monday, August 1, 2011

My road's been less traveled

I think I've expressed my distaste for Facebook, but let me do it again anyway. It has replaced daytime television and has become some sort of race for thousands of friends who would never be there if you begged them.I think it's causing a new mental illness of sorts.

I'm not saying it doesn't have some advantages such as finding old chums, chatting with people who have no phones (or something like that) but it seems to be a place to say the oddest things. And some scary things such as what I read today.

There have been suicide posts on "Face it you're bored" and I'm even going to push it to cries for help. I looked thru many posts, and so many people are in need out there. They need to be heard.

My nephew is suffering from depression and he gets his support via Facebook. It is strange, but I guess I'm glad he has some way to express his out of control feelings and get a response.

Sometimes it's easier to write than to talk to someone about deep, dark feelings...I most certainly can relate to that. And I did write on "my wall" today. Then I commented on Facebook.

It's odd, but the internet can be a place of healing and as much as I don't have a "chicken" or a "diamond" for a game, I see there are benefits to this type of communication.

Our President Obama is using the internet in a way no other President or politician has in history. I've been saving all of his correspondences as well as Jerry Brown, California AG Kamala Harris, and our local representatives. This is history like we have never seen it in this context, and I am very interested in following the tactical as well as the other unique changes being brought about on the internet.

I see more disabled people working in the future on computers set up to serve their particular challenges. I could use some new additions to my computer which could possibly  make a difference in my ability to be more productive, possibly even able to work more.

Hopefully, in a few years I will not have to read, I will be read to. Yes, it's already available, but for a price. Touch screen would cut workman's comp in half. We already should be ordering our computers with voice commands, which again would stop the repetitive injuries eating away at our disability monies.

I need to work to live in the sense I need air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat. It's part of who I am and I don't want to give in to my maladies.

The internet is changing the world, we can reach out to each other. As much as I face off with Facebook, I do see some communication that is necessary.
The next generations of computers and programs should be considerate of the elderly who also could benefit from communicating with family. How many lonely people, lost their spouse, live alone, and have nothing but cable television, would benefit from seeing their grand kids via the computer, videos and so forth.

So, if I were marketing, I would make simplistic version for seniors who are afraid or have no experience with computers, which could offer safety, security, and support.

Kids with cell phones can call for help. Kids know how to operate these devices more so than their parents and parental controls are a joke.

It's a new age, with a new way of thinking, and how about those moments, fellow bi-polars, when you're about to unload on someone, you have a list of support people on your computer to keep you out of trouble. I know there are support groups starting on Facebook and it's a remarkable thing to have lived half your life afraid to say "hi, I'm bi-polar" and get a stare, and then find people who have experienced the very same prejudice and isolation, is a truly miraculous transition.

Okay, my nephew is important, and I'm going to go write to him on Facebook right now.                                                                                             


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