Tuesday, November 8, 2011

As I walk thru your valley of darkness I shall not fear: Here's your drugs assholes

I'm in full mania right now, on the verge of attack, raging, roaring and ready to fucking do what I should have done a long time ago: show them how good their drugs fucking work when I don't use them.

Here's the deal, another mediocre mind of medicine has struck the right cord. I can feel it, it's a nasty one, and it needs to be dealt with now.

Oh drug seeker, we are going to put a contract under your nose you can't see and then mess with your medications. Take your list, that you try to keep, such as health goals, drug changes, whatever the hell I wrote.

I made a mistake, I think I put it up somewhere, but let me say, with no knowledge tonight, most likely tomorrow the rockets red glare, I am doing what my insane mother did and that is to get angry and stop taking all my medications, ALL OF THEM.

Moments from now they will be in the trash, and likely so will I. I really don't know, and have too much fear to ignore. If I seizure fuck it then I do. If I have pain and am angry, that's not a problem for me either. What is a problem is having my physical problems ignored by the ignorant.

So, can we get on with it? My fucking healthcare now that I've removed all your fucking drugs? I'm not seeking, and I don't want your comfort or the leash that goes with seeing doctors.

I'm done with this shit. In fact, I'm about to show you how done with it I am. I'm not only embarrassed that I have to explain this all the time, but do NOT take Xanax, or pain killers, if you want treatment for things other than the judgement of others...who have nothing to judge.

My recent mistaken PA, lied to me. She is a real winner, I cannot even believe this gal. She has no personality, which I could've lived with, but she has nothing really to give. No openness which she obviously has missed out on in her own life.

Just a stone cold one. Okay, you win, I'm done. Good for you.

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