Monday, May 21, 2012

The city of "Big" Brotherly love...

 I've finally gotten down to the task of separating out videos and pix from the European adventure. The first issue that effected me about being in England was the use of video for every conceivable excuse to invade our privacy.

I'm not that photogenic so it bothered that I had my picture taken more times than the total of my childhood during my stay.

Pictured here is an effort control parking with video. I mean where does it end? 

 The road trip was quite enjoyable as the English countryside is green and lush. It was a nice trip akin to driving through mid-western America.

 And then just as I think what a beautiful landscape, we drive by a nuclear power plant. My polite British friend downplayed it, just like the camera issue, as these people will be well mannered at all times. He admitted to the plant being a blight but was not willing to elaborate.

 I never got much info on the nuclear power plant, how old, how long, what is behind this being right off the roadway and other questions that come to mind.  Maybe I don't want to know, we have enough problems over here in America.

Finally, here is the pizza, or whatever they want to call it, that set off my "cussing binge" which had me being thrown out of a restaurant later that fateful night. (SEE: The unrepentant)

Seriously do not advertise an "American Pizza" to a hungry American who cannot find her "food" and then serve up something not even identifiable. This was also the "thick" crust, which made me almost instantly insane.

Home is where the pizza is...and don't forget it!

I should have called the series, "An American Palate in London."

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