Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bi-polar Chic

Just to warn you in case of animal sabotage, I am getting sleepy, very sleepy...

A good friend of mine whom I met during one of the many upheavals which mark my life, wrote to me recently and told me what I am doing on these blogs, the fight I have put on, was "bi-polar chic."

And what she meant by this is that we bipolars are scatter brains who have more ideas swarming through our minds, at all times of the night I might add, than has existed since time on earth. We are weird for sure.

Because of the tidal wave of information we have a tendency to drop something, a goal, a career even and move on rather quickly to something else more interesting.

That has not been the case with me of late, I've been rather, umm, let's try to say or see it, "focused."

My friend happens to be a hypnotherapist and also teaches meditation (sshh, quiet, somebody's trying not to think), which you can only imagine, my frenetic mind must be quite the entertainment or irritation, same difference.

She's been one of the people who have kept me anchored to tasks, though I have not completed my books the way she wanted me to, I still am on those projects as well. All in good time.

She's also wickedly funny, and intelligent, and has helped me through a lot of walls and issues, always with encouragement. And to have her call me bipolar chic, was too cool.

I've been thinking about her great loss this year, losing her brother, and the greif it brought on, I pray for her all the time, and she knows that I'm always here too. And I know she will come through it all with grace and more understanding...

I think I am more clear on a daily basis as to what and where I am going. I'm following the trail of bread crumbs God leaves everyday and I eagerly watch and listen for the signs on the road.

I've had an incredible learning experience over the last years, decades, oh, hell, all my life, but particularly so now.

I've used more patience, yes, this is my standard for patience, it may seem low to some of you, but I'm pushing a cannonn up a mountain, and plan on shooting it off. So, I can't expect to do this tomorrow.

But there are things that are important to me, I've clarified this murky purpose I've felt hovering around my mind, and now feel more in contact with the universe, and all it's peeples. I feel content knowing now what I want, and also the confidence in my own ability to persist and carry out the actions necessary to get there.

(starting to doze, it's nighty night time, let's see if I can finish)

Bipolar chic: I like it. Thank you.

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