Thursday, November 19, 2009

Somebody needs to tell me it's okay to take a break...I fell asleep during the last post

I just signed on here to look at and possibly finish my post on labels, and I started laughing when I saw what had happened. I fell asleep, you can see where I start to lose it, misspelling, then suddenly there's a whole series of question marks.

Either me, the dogs or the cat, hit that button and scrolled out all the question marks, and then I actually woke back up to finish it. But I apparently was so groggy, I didn't notice the repeated symbols.

That is both funny and sad, as I think I need somebody to tell me it's okay to take a break. Yes, I want to finish my story about labels and I will, (I'm leaving the post the way it is, it's funny) but I need to be okay to relax.

I just don't relax anymore. I don't know how really. I push myself as far as I can go, until, I get a blog full of cat or dog typing.

(Maybe the dogs saw I fell asleep and attempted to write their own blog. Just a thought, a stupid one)

Today, I felt good, got some shots in my neck, and the first thing I wanted to do this morning, was lay down and relax. Not do anything.

It was nice, sitting in bed, tired, but having really low pain levels. I didn't want to ruin it by driving or doing anything.

Truth, I actually sent my 90 year old neighbor to the store and then later for dinner, take out. He needed the exercise and we are quite a pair of neighbors.

The first time I met him, Brad, the WWII veteran, and general good guy, I was stuck on my roof and couldn't get down.

What possessed me to attempt the roof was unbeknownst to me, but I did, then got stuck. With no balance system getting back down the latter was tough.

I yelled for Brad, "help, umm, I'm stuck on my roof."

Finally, the elderly SOB heard me and came out and helped me off the roof.

He's been a great neighbor, I'm lucky, and at 90 he's doing pretty well. But he did have a stroke a couple years ago, and has had some health problems since then.

I watch for him, he watches for me, knows what time I get home if I leave, and knows when I'm back.

One day, I called him and he said he had fallen, and I could hear a slight slur to his voice, so I went over to check. He was disoriented and had a rug burn on his head from falling out of his chair. He has an electric chair, I don't know if it ejected him or what, but he slid in face first.

He wouldn't go to the hospital the stubborn old man he is, so the stubborn mule I am, called an ambulance.

We checked his blood pressure and off he went. When I got to the hospital 20 minutes later, I asked how he was doing, they said fine. I said, what do you mean fine, he's having a stroke, how's his blood pressure? She said fine.

I went in and indeed on the monitor, blinking away, was normal blood pressure. I asked what they had given him and she said, nothing.

Then the doctor came along and I grabbed him and told him he needed to recheck the pressure, as both the paramedics and Brad's home blood pressure test read him as high.

The doctor then said something about giving him different channel blockers, calcium blockers, and a whole show off list of medications. I stopped him to tell him Brad had been given nothing.

He yelled for a nurse and they used a new cuff and indeed, he had high blood pressure, so they began treating his stroke.

Long story, but it goes to show you how a small, strange incident can occur to change everything. What would have happened if I didn't go in there and check?

Well, one thing might be that Brad would not have been available today to shop and get Mexican take out for me, and I would have been hungry.

Somebody, stop me, and tell me to relax. I won't, but it's a thought...I'll just fall asleep writing.
Hey, readers, didn't you think that was weird, the scrolling thing? You should have told me my fly was down and there was spinach in my front teeth. Thanks.

More on labels, but the issue is being addressed in the blog: The jewel of the district, over at KVHD under fire.

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