Friday, March 5, 2010

Are you a victim? Really, I'm asking, are you a victim?

I suppose I would call myself a free thinker in that I am not afraid to think for myself and accept that there will be people highly fearful that I do that.

Some people need to feel validated by other people agreeing with them. It's about as important as milk to an infant.

When we come to this website, we are willing to label ourselves bi-polar. But that label is for simple ease of communication like calling your dog, rover instead of small, short legged, curr. It is not to diminish, limit, or separate ourselves from the rest of the world. It could be bi-polar or even pie-bowler, who cares, it's just a name.

I've seen so many outstanding people who are bi-polar, incredibly intelligent, compassionate, and creative. It's exciting to listen to the hum which is the motor of their minds.

These people are my heroes. They are willing to be who they are and not only that but to cut through the phoniness which is the thicket the rest of society hides behind.

And I am my own hero.

None of us is sick, we are not adjusted completely to our systems which run different from that of others. We have in common a need to express our emotions directly. Not an attack, but an expression.

No victims, that is where I see a need to start with many of the teenagers and young adults I have met.

Being a victim is a hiding place that grows nothing more than solitude.
Hey, I've nothing against solitude and enjoy it quite a lot, but there is the balance issue again.

We are heroes, the unlikely heroes, who have been given a gift to think for ourselves. It is a tough place as we are constantly being questioned as to our motives, our thinking, we tend to get the average person talking about how we over think. Yes, it's God's balancing those who under think.

But this is the lesson for the week: you are not a victim unless you put your energy towards being one, believing in one, and thus often times you build it and it will come.

Well why do only the things I don't want to happen, always happen? I get asked that alot from teenagers who are in the most horribly insecure portion of their lives and cannot stop thinking about how "bad" things are and more is going to happen.

And then it does happen. It was psychic; no it was the devil; no it was my bad childhood. It was the scary movie I watched.

It all boils down to thinking you have no control and you are a victim. You can believe nothing happens that is supposed to happen. There are victims everywhere and they want to talk and discuss this chronic condition, victimitis, over and over.

The torment and torture, that the victim cannot change anything itself. Nothing good will happen and if it does, it means something worse than that will happen.

Where do we get these ideas? It's certainly not just bipolars. It's a widespread social problem which incorporates, psychology, medicine, pharmacology, and finally dodging responsibility.

We, and I mean the kids and friends and family who have come together over a particularly meaningful period of time in my life, where I had to decide whether to challenge what I thought was horribly wrong or simply move on.

Most who know me now and have known me in the past, could tell you that this may take years to resolve, because I believe if something is worth fighting for, then it's worth waiting to get it done right.

Each of us is worth fighting for, we must fight for ourselves. We must learn that life isn't sweet and mild, people are cruel and self serving whether we have been nice to them or not.

Inner confidence doesn't have to come from karate, meditation, high SAT scores, it comes from knowing that you're doing the best you can and you continue even when you fall, you get back up.

As I've said, we will produce many creative projects out of our bi-polar talent pool on these sites and on film. It will help us all feel included in the world which is what we all want anyway: is to feel loved and appreciated. And you thought you'd have to take physics to understand what turns out to be a simple answer to what really drives us.

But the twist there is that we have to "love ourselves and appreciate ourselves." It is an incredible answer to life's quiz show.

You can't lose when you know you are sharing in the creation. So, what you didn't come out exactly like a perfect person, well, Mein Kamph to you. And black is beautiful. Most people don't see that there is beauty in everything and everywhere. They are blind, aesthetically.

(I like that aesthetic blindness, I think I'll use it again.)

We focus on what it is that we want, what it is that would generally best serve us, then that is the direction the car will go. Keep focusing on the cliff, and have a nice roll.

More on how being a victim is not the only way to live or think....

More to follow...

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