Tuesday, February 12, 2013

unnnnacccccceptable behavior......my story


we SPOKE OF THE strange CIRCUMSTANCES, THAT brought me to this word, nOT world.


mine, mAYan STORY......

BORN This WAy......

WEll, let us BEGIN, the tale of the TIGER, as it's a hanger onner. NEVER will I let it go, until, it's TIME is UP.


I was born in the HOLLYWOOOD region, West LA, but it was VIA a home for unwed mothers. My birth was something of a quizzical event: came out on my feet.

It's the best way to get a head and a start, program.

ALSO, I flew around, YES, can you even IMAGINE? My mother did something that was not her fault, she did not BELEIVE. I could prove, I could show, but it was her job to make sure I was not doing these odds balls things that could be witnessed.

BUT I DID.....

It gets bettter, let's see how much you want to know..........MORE!!


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