Tuesday, February 12, 2013

WHat you see and Do Not SEE.......

Why it's AMAZING to find that there is something so SIN ister, that it is also just as foooooolish to   Assume, that there wood not be a RESponSE.


Where is your GPS sending you?

Where is LA?

Do you feel it's TRUTH?

Ask, don't FEAR {FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL) it's an implant and your being potted.

If this sense it makes, then I'll eXceptionally, take it.

MORE SOON< we HAVE no QUALMS, only.......88888888fjfjfjaslodjf;ahf;oiehf ij;aoihiuhfh;ref hjhfa;hakjh;eorhqieuroerugniuha;oija;kdhgpier'pgja;gh;oiHGA;GIUHS;OGIJ;AOIGHJN;AIG;AOG

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