Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Lights in the sky at night: My attitude

I've been jotting down a few of the stories that come with a serious romance with the truth. IDK, but it's a jolly good thing I have a sense of humor. It's also best to really deconstruct the thinking tracks and lay a little fresh iron.

I have been filming, only for my own data finding tour, and reading and seeing all sorts of new items. New experiences, Charlie Brown. In the environment. Glasses to "correct" my fawlty sense, are no longer the only reality, or primary source of percieved info.

So, with that vagueness I proceed.

UFO: Road side assistance.

One morning in search of something unknown, but relying on faith and boredom, I set out in the 5150 mobile, up the side of a mountain. A long and windy road.

Earlier in the drive I had no memory of hitting a tree, stalks sticking out of the hood over the engine, Side view mirror gone.

Now I had a different issue, my tires were spinning in the dirt, becoming deep and silty. I got stuck, then backed into a ditch.

I"m sitting there, barely a moment, thinking, "oh shit, no one knows where I am, I don't have a phone, and I'll only bury the car by continuing the effort.

My destination seemed to be before me, a walk was possible, as I had become restless with the secrecy. I can feel this, whether I or anyone else cares, likes, judges. It's just happening, as in the famous, "Inspector Clouseau" movies, "The pink Panther."

I hadn't been stopped when suddenly a small truck was behind me. Guy, clean cut, just clean looking, told me I was in a ditch. I could feel the mindfuck.

"You're in a ditch."

I"m looking at him, "yeah."

Then he askes who to call, I say, "know one." He called the CHP. Got back in the car and suddenly they were gone. 

NOt a couple minutes later came the CHP.

With instruction and the use of a huge off road vehicle we pushed WAlter and I up on the road. Had us turn around of course, so we left, and drove around realizing, that was some dam good road side assistance.

If I were caught somewhere else, the CHP would not have came rushing to my aid out in the middle of knowhere.

But thanks. Really.

The truth is what it is. An ever ending series of questions, suggestions, causes, effects. If you ask me what I believe you'll find, "not much." This is Bi-polar country, riding these tsunami waves of existence, change a constant reminder of the flimsy bits left of a whole map or history. 

This blog contains bread crumbs, as we know that gosh darn memory problem associated with age and diet related causes, forgets simple items such as hitting trees with a car. Where does it end with memory, our own controls, or no control? 

Get me Some GINKO Biloba baby.


Hope all who suffer with these ugly scenarios arising out there begin to effectively deal it a just a better attitude. The truth not a welcome visitor for most of us. 

It's my attitude that the truth permeate anything that remains false.

May cause stomach upset, or it did for me this week, when I say we each have to pardon ourself for mising the most obvious. Pride goeth before a fall or even pratfall, as it should.

Thanks to all those who attempt truth in compassion and communication.

Laura Hart, The bi-polar American

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