Wednesday, April 17, 2013

KVHD under FIRE, Repost

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Enjoy the Latest Response to the Kern Valley Healthcare District elder abuse outcome....

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The DOJ aded: A department of JUST US report

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It's like a Whose "HUGHES" of the news on elder abuse, after Gwen Hughes, the final defendant and lowest totem on the pole, recieved the stiffest sentence in the Kern Valley Healthcare District, elder abuse criminal case.

With Dr. Hoshang Pormir slipping thru the court "missedum" picking up his "not to do" list recently, followed by former KVHD CEO and political poles dancer, Pamela OTT, as she held her hand out palm side down this time to be slapped--last one out is a rotten egg.

Ott and Pormir were both sentenced on conspiracy charges (endangering public health) rather than the original elder abuse codes which were dropped in lieu of the "justice light" charges of this brigade from the California Depart-meant "to do" justice lead by Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Jerry Brown, former atturnkey General, now Governor of the state of mind that elder abuse "of the worst kind" was committed, divorced himself from those claims best used in campaigns and not court rooms.

The first two defendants were treated to a "buzz kill" or "stern talking to" before being handed over to the probation department--for three whole years. (wow) They also have to write "I will not drug and kill the elderly" four hundred times on a chalkboard.


There are different motivations for elder abuse, but it usually involves financial gain.

THe KVHD example of elder abuse shows there is a senior discounting on the oversight and justice par tof this bargain of a deal: protecting the innocent.

Politically motivated, Gwen Hughes, former KVHD director of Nursing, for all of six months, became a henchman for the group of administrators and board members hiding their already troubled Skilled Nursing Facility.

Evidence shows a trend toward understaffing the nursing home, which meant more infusion of cash into the operations and dehydrated patients the result.

Hughes was sentenced to three years jail time and in a few more years, as she is getting older, could be rolling to a senior living apartment near you. Though she has had to relinquish her nursing license forever more, and keep a distance of at least two bus stops and a senior center from anyone graying at the temples--WE do realize she will be aging and they won't be able to stop the potential for more senior predation.

Some people prefer to close the case, calling it just another example of lack of caring, or truth, but some never forget.

I could go on and on, and I another post. I'll keep you posted for part three in the series "Whose Hughes in elder abuse."

Laura Hart-The Bi-Polar American

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