Friday, March 29, 2013

Com-part-mental Case...Stand up for comedy.

My sister has called me out to take up some stand up comedy, and I just wonder if anyone is really ready for me to humorize the horrors this blog rails against regularly.

I'm sure my mind would not mind a good clearing of all the material collecting over these almost 50 years of life.

That is true, I have a lot of stories which are usually quite

Being a mental case who recently returned from a stay at the Hotel Aurora bore my ass off, I am considering that I had a strong attraction to the idea.

My recent foray into CODE talk, I have wondered if there are those who will get my humor. Recently my cousin told me she was concerned I was talking my new language code.

I had hoped they would ignore it, and just get what they get. lol

My good friend who hung up the phone while I was early practicing the metaphor/pun/rhyme time, asked me if I was going to begin again.  Now she misses the depth, I must seem boring again.

It's the irony, regular kind, but I guess we will see.

My Sis and her  Video?

On the surface, I'm a language lazy type of writer. But put me in the metaphor department and I'm a shopaholic.

I guess it's time to measure the comedy circuit and find out if it's ready for me....

Competition is not an energy I revel in, but I'm willing to dump or unload some of this dust covering my bowl.

Let's see...

My sis predicts the bay area will have an earthquake, is she a Nostradamas of the new age?

She also has strict rules for English speakers if you want to check out her opinion page of Youtube vids.

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