Wednesday, March 13, 2013

FRom AMnesiA to Allzheimers: What the hell was that?

I've wondered for a while, that we seem to come to this world with amnesia, nothing but an empty brain?

WE have no idea where or how we got here.

Then we go thru life, battling memories, habits, spoon fed instructions, and then we are all losing that information as alzheimers is the next memory eraser.

So, what can we expect to know? Our experiences, just faded memories, and then we use our memory problems to avoid responsibility for unpleasant things.

"No, I don't remember that happening."

Even if the other person has some record of events, for which there is some certainty, this person with the memory gets dissed for being so damn stubborn.

"I think you have mistaken something," or "I have no idea, but whatever you say," are usually the responses.

I would be glad to join the gang of memory bangers. How can I lose this memory so that I can live in this beautiful world, of glorious generosity, compassion?

Psych meds are on my menu, and hopefully, I can get more that will make me normal.

Laura Hart, or who knows, I can't remember my own name. lol

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