Monday, March 11, 2013

BRidgiN the Division Between ATOM AND EVE.....

Women, and history is our time this month. lol

WE are quite a group of wonderful people, who want only to family, and friends, the world around us. Good stuff, though we have been tormented a bit too much, we are hearts of gold, who continue to be leaders, even when they are continually told it's a n uphill battle.

WEll, battle that axe, as we are a nation of women, a full plate on the table of feeding life it's best stuff. Mothers are lovers and how we share this is our gifts.

May we use our new perspective as the leaders, not the tossed, dumbed down, blondes, of yesteryear, of sex symbology, and we bring our full monty to this endeavor.

Openly, I'll tell you, in my life of Unaccepted behaviors, I was told, I was not okay, as I was not a male or even a female. In the middle I rose to my own region of being woman, and hearing me roar. lol

My life saw it's time of the lowest totem on the pole, as a woman, I was not of this higher marky, I was the lower. So, I fought the rumors, that I was less.

Celebrate your female trail of amazing, awesome, history. It's yours.

Men, have yet to get the set up, and would hold their own, as a competitor, rather than united, in the sexual harassment of each other.

Set it down, let it go, as we are EQUALIZED, and the Prequel is the section of the erection of a new symbol.

Ovaries and Uterus, are the natural setting. THen the fall out becomes a penis, a scrotum, not a totem, and the origins needs a reputation of change.

Those who suffer the Fallic syndrome, hang on, there's more to this story, than a thin ego.

Women's HIstory Month, let's make history.....Together.

Laura Hart----The Bipolar AMerican

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