Friday, August 9, 2013

Support your local Bi-polar

I"ve been waiting to begin my torrent of writing projects, but as we KNOW on this site most certainly, is money is the object.

I not only want to get my projects finished, or started in some cases, lol, so I am experimenting with the ideas of how to infuse money into the picture to release the people, tools, which had no backing.

TAlent is there, in all of us. Others need a hand up to get there projects off the ground.

There are so many ways to toy with one person's money. Chase bank and I are QUIT. A couple months of nonsense and it's over.

BUt Wells Fargo showed me the easiest way to fund this project "The bi-polar Americans..." There are checks, visa's, and cash, which can get tricky. Here's the deal, if you want to support this worthy adventure, this is how easy it can work:

My Well's Fargo representative said, "Anyone can come to a Well's Fargo branch and ask to deposit Money in Laura Hart's account.

Wow. Well's Fargo is everywhere.

You don't have to reveal who you are, if you don't want to. And you get a receipt which should correspond with my banks records. And I'll check it and report what the money bought.

For instance, my hacked to the bone computer took a shower recently, and a laptop with video editing is a must. This is just one of many things.

For more info email me:

So, simply go to Well's Fargo and SAy, "Hey I want to deposit money in Laura Hart's account." 

If they say Laura who, they're lying....You say The bipolar American Laura Hart. (likely to confuse them, lol) 

Keep is simple, Laura Hart from Well Done CAlifornia.....@@@@@


Only send what you can afford......Thanks


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