Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Boring for Dollars"--The Pyramid Scam: Part one

As I begin to unravel the ball of string given to us kittens to play with as we wile away our "lives" I'd like to begin with the system which controls it all: Money.

It's not an equitable situation, nor is it supposed to be. It isn't real in fact, it's the worst board game I've ever played.

Let's start with who created the money system?

Someone with needs, I would guess. Big needs, needs to control the whole world, land, and seas, and all the inhabitants thereof.

Noticably money has all sorts of language ties to most everything. Meaning it is a part of everything that goes on here in life on earth.

As I examined or purged all the words tied to money right from my brain full of labels, I was quite exhausted as most words can be linked to laws, health, social hierarchy, all COSTING something.

Let's start with a few words that stood out, one being "trickle down effect." From where does it trickle and it appears to be going up, not down.

I question why we are missing the point that Time is Money, the reality we are expected to exist in and or rise above. I've never put money before other more important words such as compassion or fairness.

My friend who never agrees with me, questions me vigorously, so I asked her why do we have to have a system with Money?

Shocked, she said, "Good point, why not--maybe we don't."

The difficult part for many to let loose of, is that some people deserve more, or are better, therefore money and all it can buy, serve to show the worth or worthiness of people. Competition is the lowest energy, pitting people against each other, one winner and one loser. Half is expected then to be lesser than the other half.

Hence, the pyramid scam, which is to keep the top both in control of the most money, but all the resources, the information, the language, the accessibility to information or inventions which would threaten to EVEN THE PLAYING FEILD.

We all cannot have what the few are feeding from, but we can recognize a "scam" when we see one and proceed to do something about it.

Human value these days revolves around surviving the levels on which your money can support you. This can change in an instant as we vote in more and more players with their teams eager for more power. Laws change that aide certain industries or Friends or family of high powered officials.

It has become natural, unquestionable, our control system. Our language shows that we consider those on the low end to be deficient or irresponsible or even stupid. Money then has become a way of saying someone is "smart" or "better."

Let's take a look at the bottom of this pyramid scam, the American Dream, the lure, the hook and bait. There is a serious crunch going on the bottom as jobs, former avenues to stay above water, are being eliminated while humans die of starvation, the land and resources are horded, education or as I call it "conditioning conformists."

The pyramid scam seems more of a prison. Can't go or do or be anything without money. And all in a certain time frame. From birth to death, it's all about money or penalties for not adhering to the rules of the game.

IOU a further explanation with some drawings to illustrate this ghastly and cruel system. My theory of this false system, this prison, goes on. We will be discussing it as I enter the dragon of supporting this blog, the creative thinkers, on this slanted playing field.

Laura Hart--The bi-Polar American

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