Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bi-Polars With Wings....


I've decided to rename my project to springboard other polars, from the bi-polar Americans to Bi-polars with wings. Imagine that? It is rather daunting to see all these gifts I've been impressed to witness in young and old alike. Those who have set aside their passion, their gifts, and went the Regular, store bought, common path, mundane avenue, because there is no financial support for this type of radical creativity.

As I have spoken distastefully for the game of power, money, time and sex: "Boring for dollars the pyramid scam."

It's an unfortunate circumstance, one which I must face, to face, as there is always two faces to any "transaction" of money or time or skills. Nothing shared--only sold for sale. Even one's character, integrity--up for grabs much of the time.

I will continue to imagine that we could fair up this playing field, and I will continue to ask for the help of those who have a few missing bricks in their walls. Money isn't the only involvement. Help with mentoring, researching, etc.

It's tough as I've had this passion for so long, and yet so much static with my truth telling, to tell the truth. My  only modification is an infusion of some fun and chocolate.

Sometimes the worst days give way to the most powerful positive intentions. Walt, or "Dukeskywalter" my best dog friend, the only one who can tolerate me, is in surgery for cancer this afternoon (I'm waiting for a call). I looked at the Vet and told her with tears in my eyes, "I hate this life, mostly because it doesn't have to be this way."

What if you did not ever have to consider money in any decision: Would your choices change.

Hell Yeah!

What if we didn't have Time, and I'm not talking the propanga glossy seen at grocery store check stands?

It's all speculative, but I say it would be a "home." 

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