Monday, December 30, 2013

The Bi-polar American in the OC, Delighted

Hanging out in Orange County, California is full of mystery and excitement. Not really. It's rather bland as each suburb looks like the other. It's easy to get lost because of the lack of identity the place seems to have.

What stands out for me is the train track everyone rides. Residents jog or walk along the cement side walks off major streets ignoring the exhaust wafting at them at rush hour. The reoccurring fast food establishments. The bi-lingual signage. A college which hosts a major swap meet on the weekends. The same family park on every corner.

How do the ducks know where to park?

New Year:

This year is different. Done.

No, it's going to be a blazer as it's an election year, and I elect to continue to not just talk truth, but shout it, sing it, gargle it-whatever it takes is the motto. Protesting, petitioning, and propagating fair play are on the schedule.

Several new stories or continuations will appear shortly after I, ehem, (clearing throat) deal with the computer problems which started last year with Hughes Net. Pradman Kaul CEO of Hughes Nest, took one on the chin on my other blog: Your Government Your Problem: an Owners manual.

There are many blogs to write, much ado with the current adornment, hand written, on the 5150 mobeel I drive around with a sense of myself. Who else writes with markers on their car? If you know someone else please do let me know as they must be a kindred spirit.

Upcoming Titles:

Sick Degrees of Separation
The Good, the Bad, and the Unrepentent.
Social Security: the oxymoron

More to follow....Laura Hart The Bi-polar American

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