Thursday, January 16, 2014

The newest Mascot: God B lessed America

Aunt Laura to Uncle Sam: It's time....
It is time to start thinking what it truly means to wear the stripes and stars. I am the free thinker only if I give up thinking. I am the model if I intend to walk the talk of the cock of the walk.

So, to those who truly have given up everything to play a game of "fake economy" I genuinely refer to as "Boring for dollars the Pyramid scam" I am in the game too. I have a job, it's being the kind Aunt to those who have been ripped off and apart trying to manage a shell game whose board is slanted to the side of those with no interest in anything but themselves.

No way, I am interested in playing for us all. I don't want for needing, but have recently been taken for every item I ever "thought" I owned. I own nothing on a dicey gamble called life. But found myself living in my car with the weary remnants.

We have been kicked in the teeth, our memories of a good dream, a good life, all haunting us now.

There are books to be written, and I'm continuing to write my fair share.

It's now time for Uncle Sam to meet and marry his new mail order Bride: Aunt Laura.

More to follow....

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